Monday, January 30, 2017

Athleisure Outfit Inspo + Workout Playlist

Sweatshirt// Sports Bra (similar)

Today I'm sharing another athleisure look. After the weekend that I had, I'm starting to think I need to stock up on more athleisure pieces. After working out on Friday, skiing Saturday, and tennis Sunday, I'm ready for a day off. Although, my girlfriends and I get together on Monday nights for the Bachelor and we are doing this new thing where every commercial, we do floor workouts! So that's what is on tap for tonight.

I will actually probably wear something along the lines of this tonight. I am OBSESSED with this sweatshirt. I love anything with an open back, so as soon as I saw this, I knew it'd be something that would be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe! Not only is it great to throw on for yoga or tennis, but I also love lounging in it, too! And I was excited about these leggings because this shade of gray is hard to find! I wanted gray leggings to pair with all of my navy athleisure gear that I don't typically wear with my black leggings!

And since we're talking about athleisure, I am also sharing another playlist that is REALLY fun for working out. It's not necessarily high intensity but it totally gets me singing along and brings me back to the early 2000s. If you were in middle school/high school circa 2003-2008ish, then you'll remember a TON of these songs! I have a few funny stories from growing up that I thought I would share that remind me of this playlist-- if you are around 24-30 right now, you can probably relate to some of these stories!

In 7th grade, I so badly wanted to be a skater girl. I had a major crush on a skateboarding guy and he used to teach me how to skateboard after school. I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne and vividly remember going to the Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan concert with my older neighbor when I was 13. I remember being so concerned about what to wear because this was my first 'cool' concert. I remembered being so stressed out about it because my mom kept buying me Gap Kids/Talbots Kids/Ralph Lauren clothes. When in reality, all I wanted to wear was  Limited Too (my mom used to refer to as 'Limited Quality' haha!) Abercrombie and AE. Luckily, my aunt and grandma took me out to get me a 'cool' outfit for the occasion.  In case you're wondering, I wore American Eagle flared jeans, an Abercrombie graphic tee and flip flops (at the time I thought it was the coolest outfit ever... now, I cringe).
Fast forward to my freshman year of high school and my style started to change and I was no longer into skater boys (I'm literally laughing aloud as I type this post), but I was really into skiing. We had this awesome program at my high school where every Friday after school, we would take a bus to 7 Springs (which is an hour outside of Pittsburgh and where I was this weekend!). I've always been a skier and my parents had me skiing as soon as I could walk.

I was one of the few girls who went on these Friday ski trips (and I loved it because my dad would come and chaperone!!). So I basically had to befriend all of the guys and they got me into music like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since we had an hour drive, we would all sit together and share ear buds on one of the guy's iPods (literally the first generation iPod's, ha!) and jam out!
My love for Dashboard Confessionals started when I was a cheerleader in high school. We used to have to ride buses to the away football and basketball games (my high school didn't have buses/a bus system, so we got excited when we got to ride on a bus!) and on the way back to our high school, we had a tradition where we would all sing 'Hands Down'. I have no idea where that started, but it was passed down to us from the older girls and it stuck. I still know every single word to this day and the memory is such a sweet one.
And oh my goodness, Wonderwall. Who else loves that song? I consider that one a classic. In 9th grade, I was on AIM (that's AOL Instant Messenger for those of you that are too young) and I was chatting with a guy I liked and it was when you could send people songs. He sent me that song and still to this day, whenever I hear Wonderwall, I think of him.
And I'm hoping you'll all remember/ be able to relate to this one... a lot of these songs remind me of the one and only Laguna Beach! Did anyone else LOVE that show? I mean my friends and I were obsessed. In 9th grade, I wanted to be Lauren Conrad. I also had a boyfriend named Steve at the time and we all used to stay 'Stephen' the way Kristin Cavallari would (Steeeeephen). Wow, this post just gets more and more embarrassing by the sentence.

But very long story short, these songs totally take me back. They're so catchy and while it's not really my musical taste nowadays, these songs were some of my favorites when I was around 13-16 years old!


Ashley said...

Absolutely love this outfit! I have been loving the athleisure look lately!

Ashley //

Dana said...

I love music that brings back such vivid memories! I used to love Avril too ;) Also, NEED that Nike sweatshirt, it's perfect for weekend wear and to/from the gym!

Pink Champagne Problems

Gold Clutter said...

The Patagonia vest is adorable. I'm loving the trend of lifestyle sneakers. I published a round-up of my favorite lifestyle sneakers recently.

Lanie W. said...

I love that you share your music favorites so frequently! As a fellow music nerd it makes me so happy to see. Keep it up! xo

Unknown said...

Love the playlist! Cutest outfit as well!


Just Jess said...

I love your outfit and the entire playlist! It is my high school and middle school playlist. Jess at Just Jess

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing all of your cute athleisure looks. Could you do more Outfit of the day looks & ways to incorporate them with regular clothes. For example, I wear my ideology 1/4 zips and long sleeve RBX active tops with khaki pants and with my Lilly Pulitzer riley scarves. Could you please do more of those types of looks? Thank you

Chic in Carolina said...

This outfit is so cute and I love the story behind your playlist haha!


Unknown said...

I'll have to give this workout playlist a try!

xx Kathryn


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