Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trying New Things: Tennis

I'm definitely a believer in always learning. Whether you're reading a book, traveling, or trying a new skill or sport, there is always going to be something you don't know. This year I have been all-around more active and have really made a point to do at least one active thing per day. Whether that be just a quick workout in my living room, or a long walk to grab lunch, or an intense cardio session, I'm always doing something. 

In an effort to really keep up with my goal, I started tennis lessons once a week. I had never played tennis before so it was all new to me. I feel like overall, I'm pretty athletic and in decent shape, but there is something so humbling about starting at the very beginning.

My first lesson was comical, but it started to get better from there. It actually amazes me how practice really works and how a good instructor can help. At first, we learned the different grips and shots and now, our class has finally come to a point where we can play games. It's so much fun to learn something completely new. I'm glad to report that I am loving it!  

When I signed up, I did so with 2 other girlfriends. The lessons come in sets of 7, so I have already signed up for the second set and am trying to fit in another day to play in my schedule. It's also fun because it's an 'adult' class, meaning anyone, any age, gender, etc. can take the class. I'm so used to taking fitness classes with all women who are basically all around my age and any type of athletics I did in high school/college everyone was my age so this is such a breath of fresh air. There are all ages in this class and they're all just starting out. It's awesome. One of the best in the class is older than my parents! It just goes to show that age is just a number! 

Not going to lie, one of the things that initially drew me to tennis were the outfits. I had grown up golfing, so they're somewhat similar, but tennis gear is a lot cuter, in my opinion. Right now we are playing on clay courts in the 'bubbles', but I can't wait to actually be able to play outdoors and not be so bundled up! I have been doing a lot of tennis shopping, so today I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces. If you have any resources for cute tennis gear that you can share, let me know in the comments!


Gold Clutter said...

I love the pink tennis skirt.

Unknown said...

That gear is all so cute! So glad you are enjoying the lessons. It sounds so much fun. I've never been into sports but do like being active. I think tennis is one I could get into because it feels a little more individual than a team sport. I always enjoyed track because it was more individual.

Rachael Alexis said...

I have always wanted to take some kind of "active" lessons as an adult. I was an avid track star and volleyball player in middle school and high school but haven't ever tried anything right from the start as you mentioned. I would love to try golf but scared myself with the clubs when I was in gym class LOL. I just want to play tennis so I can dress in Lilly skorts.


Chrisy said...

I'm so glad you're loving tennis! I've played since before I could remember; when my sister and I were kids, over the summer, our mom would send us to tennis in the morning and golf in the afternoon. I ended up playing through high school, and one of my new years resolutions was to be better about getting out on the courts more---it's definitely humbling to restart! I hope you keep up with it :)

Helen said...

I am so grateful I grew up playing tennis-- it is truly a lifelong sport! I don't find myself with too many opportunities to play now, but I love knowing that tennis will be waiting for me once I'm ready to pick up my racket again. So glad you're learning, and awesome that you're trying new things!


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