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How to Keep Your Hydrangeas Alive Longer

Today's post is inspired by YOU! I posted a photo on Snapchat of my dead hydrangeas one morning last week that I had literally gotten from Trader Joe's the afternoon before. I was bummed out but SO many of you reached out via Snapchat, e-mail, etc. to give me so many great tips on how to prevent this from happening again (Thank you all so much!!!)! So, I thought I'd gather them all up and also do a little of my own research/experimenting and let you all know what to do!

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower by far- and just as I discovered my dead hydrangeas, I had been sent some for my birthday. So, I decided to experiment on the dead ones to see what worked best!

Soak the flowers 'head down' in water
This tip is going first because I found this to be the most effective in bringing them back from the dead. Once they look a little worse for the wear, take a bowl and fill it up with hot water (some people even recommended boiling, but I just used super hot from the tap). Dunk the 'head' of the flowers in the water and let them soak for a few hours. I didn't know this, but hydrangeas can 'drink' from both the stem and the flower! 

Use hot water
When refreshing the water, use hot water (this is just for hydrangeas, not all flowers). Apparently, that's what hydrangeas like- and this really made a difference, too! Some of you recommended just dipping the stems into hot water for a few minutes then using room temperature water in the vase, but I really think that using hot water in the actual vase revived them the best.
Cut the stems at a severe angle
If you get them from a flower shop, they do this for you, but if you pick some up at Trader Joe's be sure to cut them short and also so that the bottom is at a severe angle for better 'drinkability'. 

Dip stems in alum 
Kim sent me this amazing tip. You dip the stems in alum (which you can find in the spice aisle) and then put in water. This apparently stops a 'wax' substance from forming so the stems can continue to drink the water. 

Change the water daily
This sounds like common sense, but I would always forget. Now I'm really diligent about this... and now always using hot water!
Cut the stems every few days
This will 'refresh' the end of the stem. I do this on all of my flowers and it works wonders (I've especially noticed that it works really well on roses). 

Remove leaves 
You don't have to remove all of the pretty green leaves, but you need to remove enough so that the leaves are not in the vase's water (the leaves also suck up a ton of water). The stem of the hydrangea should be the only thing in the actual water while in a vase. 

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Use the packet that comes with the flowers
I used to not add this, but apparently, the flowers really do need this. However, this can cause bacteria growth in the water. To disinfect, you can add apple cider vinegar in the following days. You can also add a copper penny to prevent bacteria growth. If you received flowers via delivery, instead of a packet, when you change the water, you can add sugar to the water. 

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hannah g said...

Hydrangeas are the worst - pretty, but such a high maintenance flower! You can use hot water on any flower - the warmer water will move faster through the stem to the blooms. Some people will fill a bathtub with warm water and lay the flowers in (horizontally, totally covered by water) to attempt to revive them.

Another trick to letting any flower "drink" more is to actually cut up INTO the stem to divide it into 2 or 4, not just a "severe angle." The more that inner part of the stem is exposed, the quicker the flower can get rehydrated. Changing the water daily is really the best way to keep flowers alive for a few weeks.

Given all this drama to keep them alive, I'm always shocked that brides want them for weddings. Too much work - there are many other beautiful flowers.

Source: I took floral design classes.

Anonymous said...

Using hot water sounds weird, but I'm going to try it. Thank you for the tips !

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Lisa said...

I did a post about the same topic a while back! http://www.sololisa.com/2016/07/how-to-make-hydrangeas-last-forever.html

Julie said...

Thank you for this!! Hydrangeas are my favorite! (And I had them in my wedding without any issue ;) )

kailani819 said...

I needed this post. Thank you for sharing. ❤


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