Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How to Transition White Jeans

The weather the past week here in Pittsburgh has been feeling a lot like fall, rather than August, that's for sure! I love the cooler temperatures we have been having and am very happily welcoming sweaters with open arms. In fact, on Sunday, I went to the club with my family and brought my bathing suit but never ended up actually putting it on because it was so cool.

Last night, I went to yoga on a rooftop of one of the buildings in downtown Pittsburgh, which was fun, but I also noticed a strong breeze. I was definitely glad I brought along my (monogrammed) Shep Shirt.

Anyway, my point is: fall is coming and I always find the month of September slightly hard to dress for. It's cool in the mornings and at night, but hot in the afternoons... you could have a super hot day one week and then a cooler day the next. Do you wear sandals or booties? Do you wear a sweater or bring a jacket? I find myself wondering 'does this look too fall' or 'does this look too summery'.

It's that weird (but wonderful) in between time, and I think the outfit above is perfect just for that time period. Plus, separately, you can wear each piece in a multitude of different ways!

I think the main thing to note here, is that I combined a fall shade of burgundy (the sweater and the cami) with white jeans. It's a good balance of summer and fall into one outfit. Other fall appropriate colors that I think look wonderful with white jeans, too, are olive green, navy, and camel.

The second big thing to note about this outfit is the type of materials. I'm not yet dressing in heavier fabrics like wool or flannel. The sweater is a lightweight year-round cotton blend and the cami is super lightweight, too. I typically wait to break out things like wool, autumnal plaids, heavy tweeds, etc. until very late September/October. 
And, on a totally unrelated note to this post, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is still going on and new items have been added today! You can view my favorites in the widget above or by checking out this post. Surprisingly, there is still a lot left to choose from! 


Laura Baker Busic said...

I am in LOVE with this outfit! Burgundy is my favorite color of all time, to wear and just in general. Definitely gonna pick up one (or five, ha) of those tanks! I've been looking for the perfect one, I love the delicate eyelash lace.

Casey said...

Burgundy is a wonderful color for you.


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