Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lately 8/10/2017

I'm just going to come out and say it- this week, I listened to a Christmas song and bought a pumpkin mug... GASP. I know, I know, we haven't even made it to Labor Day. I only let myself indulge in one song then quickly changed it and I am not going to drink out of the mug until at least mid-September, promise. Now that I have that off my chest- we can move forward. Phew.

This week was uneventful. I've still been playing catch up but seem to be about caught up now! I did several big shoots this week which were fun, and I've been working out almost daily, which I'm proud of!

Tonight, I am having some girlfriends over to hang out in our sweats and order take out. A very low-key but fun evening! Then tomorrow, I'm going out to one of my favorite places for dinner, I can't wait!

Wearing: This is the tee I have been RAVING about. It's seriously the best- it looks like it is sold out in most sizes, but keep your eyes peeled for it to pop back in stock. It is so inexpensive and so soft and flattering. Right now, there is a v-neck version available!

Wearing II: This week was a whole lot of workout clothes since I've been working out so much. I asked you all what your favorite lululemon pieces are on Twitter, but I'm curious, do you have an item from any retailer that you swear by for working out in? I'm also eyeing these sneakers- I have my favorite pair of sneakers ever, but want an extra pair!

Eating: I'm still doing HelloFresh once a week. While I have loved what I am cooking, how easy it is, and how much I save from not going to the grocery store, there have been some big fails on Hello Fresh's part. They have not delivered 2 orders... one never showed up so they credited my account, and the second showed up a day late. The past two orders have had individual meals with missing ingredients. Nothing to get super worked up over, but I really wanted to mention this to all of you since I have shared my experience lately! 

Sale-ing: Club Monaco is having a great sale and just added some more pieces. Williams-Sonoma is also offering an extra 20% off sale using code EXTRA. A lot of the Nespresso machines are currently 20% off. I love mine and use it weekly. I just love love love WS... it's my happy place! 

 Have you guys seen this trailer for 'Goodbye Christopher Robin'? It's about the origin of Winnie the Pooh and it looks SO good.

Watching II: Did anyone else watch the RHONY (Real Housewives of New York) finale last night? So excited for the reunion. I don't really watch any of the other housewife franchises, but this one is so good, I can't look away! Also, we just finished Ozark on Netflix. It was really good- the ending fell flat, but overall very good! So now I'm in need for a new show to binge!

Listening: I'm embedding August's playlist! There are only 14 songs, but they're all really good! 

Loving: Ever since I moved into my apartment, during the warmer months, my bedroom gets SO overwhelmingly warm. I've had maintenance come check it out several times and nothing totally fixes it. I have a fan, which helps a bit, but I hate hate hate being hot when sleeping at night. I'd much rather be cold and pile under the covers. Anyway, I sleep under a wonderful duvet, but just got this lightweight blanket for the warm months and it is a GAME CHANGER. I just put it under the duvet and sleep under that... no more overheating! It's also soft and it was easy to wash... definitely a great blanket, especially for the price. 

Wanting: Just a few things I've loved on the internet this week! I love that Kule is now available at Nordstrom!

Pittsburgh-ing: This article covers 21 new places to eat coming to Pittsburgh soon. I cannot wait. Also, next week is restaurant week. I'm really underwhelmed by the menus and participating restaurants next week. It will be TBD to see if I participate. 

Quoting: 'Always be the better person.'


BlueLabelsBoutique said...

Great post!

Heather said...

I'm underwhelmed by the restaurants/menu offerings, too - I really wish they offered a better selection!


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