Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lately 9/14/2017

Dress (under $60, comes in a bunch of colors)

And we are halfway through the month of September. Woah. This week went by slowly- I always thought I was a day ahead of what day it actually was. Ick. But it was a good week. I tried a new class at a fitness studio I've started going to, I went to dinner to one of my Pittsburgh favorites, Soba, for a friend's bday, got some work done, had a Sunday funday, and planned for my upcoming trip to New Hampshire! 

Wearing: Sorry for the awful Snapchat photo, but it's the only good photo I have of this dress, ha! I wore it last Friday. It is SUCH a comfortable t-shirt dress. I love the thick, quality material, the tiny bit of stretch and the navy and white stripes plus the cute little pocket. It's such a basic dress but the fit and comfort is better than most I've come across. It runs true to size- I'm in a size small.

Reading: The 10 Best College Campuses in America... JMU made the list!!! Proud alumni!

Listening: September's playlist is still going strong. It's crazy to think I am going to need to start on October's playlist in just a week or so! I've currently been obsessed with an old song that's new-to-me. It's ASAP Rocky's Fashion Killa (lyrics are inappropriate, be warned). I don't love rap, but there are some specific rap artists/songs that I absolutely love. This happens to be one of those songs I can't get enough with. It's so fun and has a great beat. Besides the inappropriate lyrics, it's really funny because he is basically name dropping designers. It's so fun to listen to see which ones he mentions like Balmain, Helmut Lang, Cartier, Donna Karan, Goyard, Linda Farrow, Dior, etc. The list goes on. It's funny, because when we were with guys listening to this- they didn't get all of the fashion references. For once, I totally knew exactly what the rap song was talking about!  
Loving: Did you see Olivia Palermo's collection with Banana Republic?! I can't get enough and love that the price points are very affordable! My top 3 favorite pieces are this bright yellow midi skirt, this unique white peplum top, and this super luxe navy coat.

Loving II: This weekend, while tailgating at the Luke Bryan concert, my friend Dani brought these 'drinking buddies'. They provided us with endless entertainment- they're hilarious little men in bathing suits with names on their behinds. They hang on the edge of your drink. Hilarious. Definitely great for large parties, tailgates, bachelorettes, etc.

Loving III: Did you see Le Creuset launched a matte pink collection? It's like a beautiful blush pink. I love the color. While I don't think it's appropriate for my kitchen, I really think it could be amazing in a kitchen with a blush color-way!

Drinking: I made sure this one came after the drinking buddies. But, I know I've shared this before but wanted to pipe back in. I am not a beer drinker, so when we do tailgates, I usually bring rose or champagne. But this time I brought, Rheingeist bubbles, which is a sparkling rose cider. It comes in a can just like a beer would and it is SO good. It's dry and sparkling and I really think it tastes like sparkling wine. I could not recommend it more! 

Wanting: I didn't come across a ton of stuff that I was dying for this week- which is great news for my wallet, ha! Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites. 

Pittsburgh-ing: I just went to D's Six Packs and Dogs for the first time. It's located in Regent Square and is a super casual bar-style restaurant. As the name suggests, it specializes in specialty beer- they seriously had everything under the sun- and hot dogs. I love a good hot dog- and these were amazing. Not at all healthy, we totally pigged out on hot dogs and cheese fries. Amazing. 

Smelling: So I've already shared that I am obsessed with Voluspa's French Cade Lavender scent, right? Well, I caught myself leaving a candle on in my bathroom unattended. Nothing happened, but that worried me. Instead, I got the French Cade Lavender diffuser- it smells SO good and isn't overpowering. I put one in my bedroom and one in my bathroom. No more candles in either place!! 

Traveling: Headed to New Hampshire on Sunday with Katie and Grace! Be sure to follow along on our adventures over on Instagram/Instastories!

Quoting: 'Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.' // see more of my favorites, here.


Laura Baker Busic said...

I'm loving what Abercrombie has been doing lately! I'd kind of written them off since early high school, but you have them back on my radar! I'm kind of surprised with this new direction they've taken since it seems so different than how they presented the brand for years in the past, but I'm really into it!

Casey said...

I've never heard of tailgating for a concert (just sporting events - football or baseball). Is this a regional thing?

Summer Wind said...

Casey- that's too funny, I thought everyone tailgates for concerts, so it must be a regional thing!! although I have gone to concerts in other states where I have tailgated, too! I guess it just depends on the venue... for example, in Pittsburgh, tailgating happens at concert venues like Heinz field, PNC Park, postgazette pavilion (especially here where the Luke Bryan concert was), etc. but nor stage are!


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