Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gift Guide 2017: Under $100

gift ideas under $100
I think you can find a lot of gifts under $100 during the holiday season. But the hard part is finding something that is of quality and unique. So, today I'm rounding up not only gifts that are under $100, but gifts that I think are the best value.

Travel Jewelry Case// How cute is this? I love that it is monogram-able. I think that personalization is a really easy way to make something seemingly ordinary, really special. 

Coffee Table Book// This is one of those items where you can never have enough, so it's good for someone who seemingly has 'everything'. Think of a topic that your recipient enjoys and I'm sure there is a great coffee table book on that subject. For example, a few years ago, a best friend from high school got married and after they got back from their honeymoon in Napa, I sent them a coffee table book about Napa to commemorate their trip. 

I also shared this last year, but you can get customized coffee table books. There is one for birthdays, one for football teams, and one for baseball teams. It's a beautiful leather bound book with images and stories from the archives of The New York Times based on the date or topic you pick. 

Steamer// This is a really great option for someone that travels a lot or someone hard to shop for. This steamer is the BEST. I have a full-size professional steamer and I still prefer to use this one. Plus, it's decently compact so it's easy to travel with!

Equestrian Style Belt// Belts are having a moment with the popular Gucci belt. But, I love love love this classic and tasteful belt. It has the same look without a gaudy logo and is a fraction of the price! Definitely would be a great option for someone who works in a traditional office. The black will blend in with her office wear, but the pretty gold detail will add something special. 

Cashmere Sweater// The ultimate in luxury. I have this exact sweater and the quality for the price is great. This is another great option, too, with even more color selections!

Custom Stationery// This is one of those things that is pretty affordable but looks so luxe. My grammie gifted me a box of beautiful monogrammed stationery one year and I loved it SO much. I think this would be a great gift for a new home owner or a newly married couple! 

Pajamas// When in doubt pajamas. Always pajamas. Why? You can never have too many sets and there are so many choices under $100! I especially love this set because it combines my love for blue and white and skiing all in one. Too cute! I also love this nightgown. I have it in white and wear it constantly!

Shep Shirt// This is such a classic and one of my favorite lounge pieces in my closet. I have a few and they're all so cozy! I suggest sizing up for a more relaxed/comfortable fit!

Temperature Controlled Mug// This is kind of wild, but it's a mug that will keep your beverage at a temperature you prefer. I have this issue when I am on my second cup and don't drink it fast enough and it starts to cool. I end up having to reheat it. With the ember mug, this will keep your tea or coffee or whatever warm. This is perfect for the tech geek or someone who's always stuck at their desk working. 

Jo Malone Candle Set// A candle-lover can never get enough, right? I love Jo Malone candles and it's fun to be able to try out new scents. Plus, Jo Malone always comes in the most beautiful packaging sure to impress!

Canvas Tote// This is the best gift for any age, any gender- everyone will be happy with this classic canvas tote. I have a few and use them weekly. you can use them for so many different things, too. Like a laundry basket, or a toy 'box', or a beach tote. The options are endless. 

Tula Skincare Set// I'm always hesitant to gift anyone a skincare product with 'anti-aging' on the label in fear that it will offend. But with these, you don't have to worry about that. This gift set features all of my favorite products that I use daily. They are gentle and work for pretty much any skin type. I could not recommend this brand more! Use code SYDNEYHOLIDAY for 20% off your purchase!

Leather Datebook// I think there is nothing more elegant and sophisticated than a small leather-bound date book. I know at this day in age, scheduling on your phone is more popular, but I am still such a paper girl! I love the feeling of writing things down and crossing them off. I think this is a lovely gift for any sophisticated gal! 

Sneakers// I used to never ever wear sneakers unless I was strictly working out. Now, I wear them all the time. I think there's definitely been a change in sneakers over the year. There are so many cute options and there is no need to ruin your feet in heels every day. I love Tretorn and they have released some really pretty pairs of sneakers. Perfect for the sportier gal or someone that lives in a big city and does a lot of walking! I also love this blush velvet pair and I have this pair and they are amazing!

Blue and White Dessert/Appetizer Plates// I love the Aerin for Williams-Sonoma collection and these blue and white plates are beautiful. Perfect for the blue and white lover in your life!


Lisa Odom said...

I have cashmere sweaters on my list to give to my three daughters. Does this JCrew one pile? Do you recall what size you have? My daughters are true to size, but like their sweaters loose.

Thank you! Love the Paris pics! We went to Paris in July and it is fun to see it all dressed up for Christmas!


Kalee said...

Thank you for sharing the custom New York times publication! That is such a great gift idea for the baseball lovers in my family!

Lauren said...

Love those pajamas!



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