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Little Pick Me Ups

Little Pick Me Ups
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Do you ever get into a funk? January and February are two of my least favorite months. I hate to be a downer, but aren't they? It's just after Christmas, so the celebrations are over, it's back to work/reality and then the weather is just gray and cold. 

As a blogger who focuses on fashion/decor, etc. it's sometimes hard for me to feel inspired during this time. I'm typically wearing the same (warmest) sweater and boots. 

I think everyone can get into little funks like this. It's not necessarily that you're sad, but you just need something fun and bright to change your attitude a bit. 

Buying things don't make you happy, I know, but I thought I'd share a few little things you can pick up for yourself or the home that might get you excited or put a little pep in your step! Even if you are on a budget, a lot of these items are really inexpensive!

Little Pick Me Ups
Bright Lip Color// I'm not talking hot pink or anything wild, but just get something new and refreshing! I really love the lip glow line because it's super hydrating just like a basic lip balm, but packs in a subtle hint of color. It's great for everyday use!

Spring Mani Color// Go for a color you don't typically go for around this time of year. I typically stick to OPI's Big Apple Red or OPI's I've Got the Blues for Red, but just recently, I went to one of my spring/summer favorites, OPI Bubble Bath. It's subtle, but refreshing to be more neutral and light!

New underwear// I have this thing where I have a million and one pairs of underwear. I'm always paranoid I am going to run out! Sometimes just tossing a few pairs that have seen better days and replacing them with new can be a great little pick me up. I swear by this underwear. I used to be a huge Hanky Panky fan, but I've since converted to these because they're just as good and a fraction of the price!

New Socks// This is just like underwear, but getting rid of old socks and getting a few new pairs is so refreshing! I also love these no-show socks with the silicone grip at the heel to hold them in place. I have these and wore them all around Paris and they really didn't slip!

Hair Ties// I got these for Christmas and they are about the best hair ties I've ever used. I'm a huge top-knot wearer and these hold my bun in place SO well. They're a little pricey as far as hair ties go, so it's fun to pick up a 'little luxury' every once in a while. They're such a gamechanger and I could not recommend them more!

Pretty Pajamas// This pajama set is on sale, so I promptly ordered it. I think I should have a closet just dedicated to pajamas becuase I am obsessed. I can't resist a new set, and wearing a new set the first few times really puts a smile on my face! I also love these cute pajama shorts!

Cute Sports Bra// I feel like a cute sports bra is a little luxury. Not super expensive, but for some reason, I don't often buy a new one. Looking good while working out can make things more fun and exciting!

New Note Cards// Buy a fresh set of notecards and make a list of people you want to send notes to. I love getting a beautiful fresh set! Sending cards for no reason is so much fun and can even feel therapeutic at times!

Get Organized// You don't have to spend a fortune to get organized in a pretty and functional way. I actually just ordered a bunch of acrylic storage items from Amazon. Typically, I find that acrylic storage is expensive, but this one is very inexpensive. I used these under my bathroom sink and everything is now orderly and pretty. You can also find pretty reasonably priced lucite storage at Target, too!

Loungewear// I'm all about switching into sweats/comfy clothes as soon as I get home. Anyone else like this? But, at the same time, I always try to wear 'cute' loungewear so I don't feel lazy/like a slob. Getting a new pair of sweatpants are so exciting to me, I'm not quite sure why, but these are my latest favorite pair.

A Candle// Sometimes just refreshing the scent in your space can refresh you... especially if you are still burning your holiday candles. Two of my affordable favorite candles are Voluspa's Moso Bamboo and French Cade Lavender!

Fresh flowers// These are a 'duh', but in the winter, I often skip out on the flowers. Adding some bright blooms add a bit of spring to your space, but I also love to pick up a new vase here and there. It's great to have a good vase collection and it's always fun to see your favorite flowers in a different light becuase of a vase!
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Laura Baker Busic said...

I love this!

Ryann Carter said...

My birthday is mid January and that’s probably what’s gets me through the beginning. I’m also focusing on New Years resolutions and goals so that helps. But I’m also a southerner and it doesn’t get terribly cold down here, especially since moving to Charleston. My husband will complain below 50 degrees, but it usually only gets below freezing a few nights a year. It has been a bit chillier this year, we even got snow, so I’ve been wearing super soft and warm loungewear and hibernatingna but!

Lauren said...

The end of January and the month of February seems like it drags on forever... I love those hair ties - they are the only ones that will actually keep my hair in place when I workout!


Unknown said...

Great ideas! January does tend to be a drag, I get excited for Valentine's day though!


Unknown said...

I love all these tips! I do agree new socks can be a huge pick me up along with bright lipstick!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautifully put together post! Lots of great ideas - it picks you up just reading it! Good to see Henry enjoying the snow! Europafox x


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