Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cute Items for Your Pup

Cute Items for Your Pup

*Blue and white chair was found at an antique store
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Happy Valentine's Day friends! Are you celebrating with your girlfriends or loved one? I'm definitely missing Henry this week, my number one Valentine. However, he is in very good hands. I asked you all on this Instagram post about your favorite dog toys. Henry absolutely anailates his stuffed toys and anything and everything I get him only lasts him a day or two. So I took to Instagram to ask all of you knowledgeable dog owners to let me in on the magical indestructible toy world!

You all gave me SO many amazing suggestions, so if you are in the same boat as me, definitely go check out the comments there. Some of the top suggestions for indestructible toys are: Tuffy Toys, Kong Toys, Fluff and Tuff, Zippy Paws, and GoDog. Henry has Zippy Paws, Kong toys, and GoDog and they do last longer than other brands, but he really does finish them off in a matter of days! I'm excited to try out Fluff and Tuff and Tuffy toys with him, though! 

I have been looking for a bed for the living room for him. He has a bed under my desk and he loves it, but he always chooses the couch in the living room. I figured I would get him a nice bed to see if he prefers to nap there! Although, I kind of hope he doesn't like the bed becuase he is laying asleep on my lap as I type this... he is just so so sweet and loving I can't stand it!

Anyway, I thought I would round up some cute beds that I am eyeing as well as some cute dog accessories. I've found it hard to score cuter than average things for Henry online, so if you have any great resources, let me know. Scroll through to see what I have found! 

A lot of people ask where his nametag is from and I found it on Etsy. Whenever my favorite retailers or Google fails me, I always turn to Etsy and they almost always have a good option! 

My one gem of a find, that my friend Aly told me about is called SmartPak. It's actually more equestrian focused but they have a great dog section. The coats are made by length rather than size for a more customized fit. Henry is tiny but he has a long body, so this has been a great resource. The things I have ordered have been very high quality! I got him this winter coat and this rain coat!  


Anonymous said...

Hey Sydney - if Henry is a dog that likes to chew his toys / treats I would definitely try him on a Deer Antler - not a pretty toy - but they are indestructible and all dogs I've had love to chew on them - plus they keep them entertained for a while! Not sure where they would sell them in the US but if you want to check them out try the 'Pets at Home' website - it is UK but will tell you the brand. My puppy also tends to be better with 'flat', in-stuffed stitched toys rather than stuffed with polyester (he'll have that out in a matter of minutes. Hope that's of use! All the Best, Joanne - Europafox x

Lauren said...

Love the blackwatch plaid dog bed! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day and that you're enjoying your trip!!



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