Monday, March 26, 2018

Errand Style

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A few weeks ago, I got a press package from Under Armour and DSW. I love getting press packages because it gives me the opportunity to try a bunch of different things. However, I rarely love everything.

Well, after a few weeks of wearing these Under Armour pieces I am OBSESSED (this is not a sponsored post!). I've actually found myself reaching for the leggings over my Lululemons! They fit perfectly, are very comfortable with a high waist, have large pockets on both sides of the legs, and cool design on the sides! 

This is the outfit I have been wearing when running errands or walking Henry. If I am out running a ton of errands (in and out of the car) I typically wear some sort of athleisure so I'm comfortable. I'm always in sneakers when walking Henry! 

DSW partnered with Under Armour so these sneakers are a collaboration between the two brands. I wore them while traveling to Charleston and then on my way home from Charlotte. I always get soooo many steps in when I have to go to the airport so sneakers are usually a must for me. They were super comfortable and I felt really 'cool' in them because of the sleek design. 

The bomber jacket is something I would have never in a million years picked out for myself but I am in love! I feel so chic and the gray is nice to break up all of the black. I typically stick to black workout pieces so I can mix and match but also tend to add in more neutrals like white or gray so this bomber jacket fits right into my mix.

A lot of you request (on instagram) to see more athleisure outfits and errand outfits. Is this something you would also like to see here? I'm happy to share! I typically don't share too often because they're never too exciting but let me know!

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Lauren said...

Love your workout outfit!!



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