Thursday, January 31, 2019


This week was great- all was just smooth sailing which is always OK in my book. I met with a florist for our wedding and set up a date to do a walkthrough of the house!! It's getting so close to move-in (April) and I can't wait!

I am also proud because I cooked every night this week. I'm usually really bad at this but I planned well this time! I'm excited to keep it low key on Friday night and then on Saturday, my parents are hosting an engagement party for us which should be fun!

Sunday is the Superbowl? Will you be watching? Since my team (Steelers) isn't playing, I always watch for the great commercials. Can't wait to see what this year will bring!

Wearing: The blue jacket you see in the photos above is the perfect spring jacket. Very 1960's in the cut/shape! This year, it is available in the prettiest pink and also available in a chic leopard print. Such a good price and can be styled so many different ways as you can see in the photos above!  You can also recreate the monochromatic look in pink (like I did above with the coat and sweater) with this sweater tee and this sweater

Eating: Apparently champagne and french fries are the perfect pairing- sounds pretty perfect to me!!!

Drinking: This is a PSA for all of those who can buy wine at their local Costco. We can't buy wine here in PA, but we were in North Carolina visiting my sister and Costco had Veuve Clicquot for $5 less!!

Sale-ing: The J.McLaughlin sale is SO good. It's up to 70% off and all of the pieces that are on sale can be worn now.

Sale-ing II: These ballet flats are gorgeous (Chanel-esque) and seem to be high quality- leather made in Italy. They also come in nude patent and black patent.

Watching: I loved getting to see this preview for Olay's Superbowl ad! I can't wait to see the entire thing. It's so nice to see a woman-focused brand as an official Superbowl sponsor- we women love football, too!!! 

Watching II:
I finally listened to everyone on social media and watched Dirty John- the Bravo series. I didn't think it was great, to be honest, but I just cannot get over the story. Insane! It's about a woman who meets a guy online and her daughters suspect something isn't right but the woman is blinded by her love for him. Even though the acting was off, I think it's still worth the watch, I watched it in a few days since there is only 8 episodes!
Loving: Have you seen the 'new' Kate Spade? It launched Monday and it is so refreshing! I'm loving the color palette and some of the new designs- including this old school turned new nylon bag!

Loving II: OMG these robes. There are only three but I absolutely love all three. Stunning.

Loving III: Do you follow me on Pinterest? I have been pinning up a storm lately- lots of decor inspo and cocktails I want to try! 

Wanting: I'm not really into holiday-themed decor, but these blue and white bunny plates and this bunny cookie jar are adorable! 

Quoting: 'May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.' - Nelson Mandela // See more of my favorites, here. 

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CeeCee from KY said...

I thought the acting in Dirty John was surprisingly bad, consider the cast (I worship Connie Britton, aka Tammy Taylor). It was really melodramatic. I enjoyed the podcast MUCH more (listened to it first). I picked up a bottle of Veuve at Total Wine yeaterday for $42. What is Costco pricing it at? (I actually went in to get a split of Veuve but it was $32 for the split and $42 for the full bottle and that just seemed wasteful...ha!)


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