Monday, February 4, 2019

5 TV Shows I Can Watch on Repeat

5 TV Shows I Can Watch on Repeat
Do you have those shows that you always turn to when there is 'nothing' to watch? Shows that you turn on after watching a disturbing or scary movie? Shows that you have on as background noise as you work or do chores around the house?

Winter is also a time when I spend more time inside and therefore I probably spend more time with the TV on (even if just for background noise). So, I thought it would be fun to share the top 5 shows that I watch repeatedly! I would love to know what yours are! I'm willing to bed Friends is on almost everyone's list. In my opinion, it's one of the greatest shows of all time! 

Bewitched// I have all of the seasons and watch them constantly. Samantha Stevens is one of my *muses*. If I could dress like her daily, I would! It's so hard to find pieces that have that 1960's vibe, but when I do find a piece, I always refer to it as a 'Samantha', ha! It's also really interesting to watch a sitcom that's about 60 years old.

Grey's Anatomy// I started watching this when I was in high school when it first came out. I couldn't get through all of the most recent seasons but I think the first 7 or so are pretty darn good. This is something I rewatch often!

Gilmore Girls// Anyone else obsessed with Lorelai and Rory?! I LOVE this shows and Emily Gilmore is a hoot. It's witty, interesting and has a nostalgic vibe that I love. Team Logan or Dean?! 

Growing Pains// I think all of these shows are ones that you have at least heard of if not watched. However, I think Growing Pains might be the most 'obscure' on the list. I wasn't even born when it first came on in the mid/late '80's. It ended it 1992 so needless to say, I never saw it live. But, it was in syndication (I think on Disney Channel) when I was in elementary/middle school and I just loved watching it. Now, I own all of the seasons and have seen every episode probably 10 times each. It's about the Seaver family who lives on Long Island. They have 3 children and eventually take in Leonardo DiCaprio as their 4th. It's about family/suburban life in the '80s- somewhat 7th Heaven-ish if you have ever seen that. It's pretty cheesy and definitely a dated sitcom but that's what makes it half the fun to watch!

Friends// Is this a shocker?! I'm sure a lot of you watch this non-stop! I mean it's on Netflix after all! I literally laugh out loud almost every episode and never ever tire of it. There's go to be some sort of psychological reason that so many people love and rewatch this constantly! 

Honorable Mentions: The Wonder Years, The Office, Seinfeld, The OC, Boy Meets World, Full House


briana said...

I vividly remember watching random episodes of Growing Pains on TV whenever I was home sick in the late 90s, early 2000s! It was always on in the daytime along with things like Full House. Those were the days! Lol.

briana |

Cathy said...

Leave it to Beaver and Gilmore Girls!

Jackie said...

team Logan!!!

kim said...

Roseanne, so upset they took the reruns off.


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