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Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review

Louis Vuitton Favorite MM Review
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Lip Color (in berry)

My Goyard Review is one of the most successful posts in the history of Summer Wind! I just recently reviewed my Chanel ballet flats and after that, there was an influx of requests for me to review other designer items that I own. 

So, today I'm reviewing the monogram Louis Vuitton Favorite MM. It was a highly requested item to review when I asked all of you via Instagram. 

Is the MM the only size? 
The MM is the largest size and the PM is the smaller size. 

What are the measurements? 
22x6.7x1.6 inches.

What can you fit in it?
It's really roomy. I can comfortably fit my Louis Vuitton wallet with my keys attached, my iPhone XS Max (same size as the 7plus), several lip glosses, a pack of gum, sunglasses ( even in their case), and there's still a lot of room to spare.

Where did you buy it?
I bought it at the Louis Vuitton on 57th and 5th in NYC. It's hard to track down! You can also find it on sites like The Real Real and eBay

What is the price?
The MM is $1020. The PM (smaller size) is $830. In terms of resale, this style of bag really holds its value. The LV Favorite MM in good condition is $900ish on resale websites and I've often seen them sold for more than they actually cost just because it is a highly desired bag! 

Is it worth the price?
While I love Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bags, you do have to realize that it is just that: canvas. The bag is exceptionally made. It gets so much use because it's not only beautiful but has also been designed with function in mind. The bag has held up very nicely with years of wear. So yes it is worth the price to me because I love it and use it all of the time, but you have to remember that a huge part of that price is that you are paying for the luxury and name. In terms of designer handbags, I find a lot of the iconic LV bags to be pretty reasonably priced compared to other high-end brands, though.  

Is this a classic bag? Will it go out of style?
I think the classic LV designs are timeless. The Favorite MM is definitely a classic LV style. I think the design is simple enough and functional enough that it is a bag that you could use for the rest of your lifetime. I think a lot of people would beg to differ, though. For example, I love my LV Speedy 30 just as much as the day I bought it 6 years ago, but I think some people would argue that it is out of style right now. I don't carry it as much as I used to just because I don't usually need to carry that much stuff around with me and if I do, I use my Goyard St. Louis

Does it come with both the short gold strap and the long leather strap?
Yes, it comes with both and you can remove the leather strap if needed. You can also buy different straps for this bag- LV has different offerings that you can switch out, but I am perfectly happy with the straps that it comes with! 

Do you wear it both ways? Short and long strap?
Yes! I use it as a crossbody the most but I use the shorter strap mostly in the evening when I am more dressed up. I have also used it as a clutch (without any straps), too! The straps are not adjustable in length but I find both to be the perfect length. You can actually remove the leather strap entirely and then you can just tuck in the gold strap if you want to wear it as a clutch. 

Does the bag close with a button or is there just a flap?
The bag closes with a magnet. It's strong but I wouldn't necessarily travel with it where pickpockets are prevalent. I didn't bring this bag with me to Paris for that reason. 

What is the interior lined with?
It's a beautiful burgundy canvas that is strong and sturdy and doesn't stain easily. 

How do you store it?
I just keep it in the dustbag that it came with. It's stored upright on a shelf in my closet away from direct sunlight. 

Do you get a lot of wear out of it? 
Yes! A lot- it was well worth the price if you calculated the price prie per wear! Like I mentioned before, it's so functional. It's cute, simple, and holds alot. I love it when I am out running errands because I am completely hands-free and it doesn't bother my shoulder like a tote or shoulder bag does. 

I don't buy a ton of designer bags. I own few, high-quality bags that each serve a purpose. So for example, I do not own another brown designer crossbody bag. So whenever I need a brown crossbody, this is what I use! I find that I use this bag more often in the summer months. This is because, in the winter months, I wear a lot of black, and I have other bags that I like to pair better with black. The Favorite MM is perfect for the spring/summer/fall months when I'm in navy more than black. 

Do you ever buy preowned LV bags?
No, I personally have not but I am not against it at all! I just find that the preowned prices of popular LV styles are too close to the original price so it really just makes sense to buy my own new bag! But I think it's a great option if you can find an LV bag that is a good deal for resale- you just have to make sure you are shopping a reputable site. If the price sounds too good to be true, it's probably not real. 

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Let me know if you have a specific designer item that you'd like mt to review next! I got a lot of great ideas from you all on Instastories, but I'd love to hear more! 


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I would like a review of the Ferragamo Varina flats! I am contemplating buying a pair and would like to know more about the fit and comfort factor.


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