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Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding Shoes

Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding Shoes

Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding Shoes

manolo blahnik bangisi pumps

wedding shoes manolo blahnik hangisi pumps

The most backward thing I have done in terms of planning thus far is that I ordered my wedding shoes just days after I got engaged. Your wedding shoes are probably one of the things you get when you are a few months out, so I was insanely early on this one! 

I  had been eyeing the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps for ages. They are so expensive and I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much (on satin shoes) for no reason. 

Well, I ordered them and they are the PERFECT wedding shoe. Not the most original, I know this has done a million times before- but for good reason. They are just so stunning and a classic! I'm not typically a 'sparkle' type of girl but the square broch is just so gorgeous in low light! 

I ended up going with the 'flesh satin' 70mm pumps. This was because I wanted to be able to wear them with outfits leading up to the wedding as well as after the wedding. White just felt too bridal and black or navy felt too dark- although literally, every color is gorgeous. I especially love the emerald

I was between the flats and the pumps and quite honestly, once I tried on the heels, I was sold. The flats just didn't do anything to wow me and the pumps looked spectacular. I went with the mid-heel (they have a 105mm higher pump and a 57mm kitten heel) because I knew I would want to wear them my entire wedding so I wanted to be comfortable. 

I was actually really glad I had them way earlier than I needed because it was nice to try on wedding dresses with the shoes! I have also already worn them to my engagement party! 

If you are curious about sizing, they run true to size. I usually wear a 39 in designer shoes. The 39 fit me perfectly. The only reason I sized up to a 39.5 is so that I could fit an insert inside the shoe for added comfort (since I'll be wearing them all day/night on my actual wedding day). They're actually quite comfortable but whenever my feet hurt, I am miserable so I just wanted to cover all of my bases on this one!

My back up shoes will be monogrammed Jack Rogers with my new married monogram! I had a pair of monogrammed Jacks years ago and loved them and I wear Jack Rogers daily in the warm months so these will be fun to have and wear on our honeymoon, too! Not ordering those for a long while ;).
Shop the Look for Less:
If you are not in the market for overpriced satin shoes (I totally realize the frivolity/ ridiculousness of them), then check out some of these similar options. I even found a complete knock off on Amazon. No promises of the comfort or quality, but a great dupe!

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Laura Baker said...

Those nude Badgley Mischka's you linked are the shoes I ordered for my wedding! I'm SO excited to wear them, I think I'll wear them for all my pre-wedding festivities too so I can get a lot of use out of them

Meghan said...

Love it! I had monogram jacks for my reception too - just be careful because they can be so slick on a dance floor even with breaking in. (Which is how I ended up with three pairs of wedding shoes!) I actually wore mine beforehand to break them in, but taped over the monogram part so it wasn't technically bad luck. So exciting!

Kate Lenders said...

We're wedding shoe twins - I wore these for our wedding: and switched to monogrammed Jacks late in the evening and brought them on our honeymoon, too. I love pulling my wedding shoes out on New Year's Eve and on our anniversary. I'm hoping I'll have a formal fall or winter wedding to go to where I can where them, too.

Heather Bien said...

I love that you’re wearing your shoes ahead of the wedding!! While I ended up not having the right occasion to wear mine before the wedding, I desperately wanted to A. because if you’re splurging on shoes you love, why not?! and B. there’s no better way to break them in!! Also, I totally had my shoes well ahead of my dress and as one of the first things I nailed down (it might even have been before our venue was official 😂).

Adrianna Cacciato said...

Those are beautiful wedding shoes! What kind of inserts are you putting in them for comfort? I usually don't last long in heels and wonder if something like that would help me!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! And these shoes!! I honestly couldn't think of a more simply, elegant gorge with a wedding dress. Perfection. You have great style :)

I love reading your blog so much. However, (and to be clear this is MY problem) I can't help but feel so horribly about myself that I don't have the means (I guess 55K/year doesn't get you very far in this world) to be able to buy Chanel flats, Manolos, Goyard totes, a nice car, premium brand clothing, etc. I tend to compare myself to others a lot and it makes me hate myself and wish I had a different life.

Decorating magazines...instagram...blogs...I love reading and looking at them but just feel like it's a losing battle trying to keep up with it all. Sigh :(

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous, thank you so much- you are so kind and I so appreciate your kind words!

I can totally see where you are coming from. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I think we all feel like this sometimes. It is so hard not to compare yourself to others on social media!

I think the thing to remember when it comes to comparisons is that 'things' do not define you. They are just things. Your job and salary are also things that do not define you. What creates happiness and what leads to a fulfilling life are how you make a difference and you find things that bring you personal happiness. It's also so important to surround yourself with others who bring you joy and happiness- these people will never judge you because you don't have a fancy handbag to carry- and no one should be judging you because of this!!

I also think it is important to remember that while you may feel poorlu about some things in your life, some people would kill for your life! Be proud of all you have accomplished and how far you have come!

Sometimes the people who have the bags, shoes, etc. aren't always the nicest or happiest or whatever it may be! Social media is so misleading and while it can definitely be a source of inspiration, it can also be a source of heartbreak, too!

If I were you, I would 'audit' your social media channels. See who you are following and if makes you feel badly, just unfollow! Try to find accounts that inspire and lift you up and I think you will notice a difference in how you approach social media! Just my two cents!


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