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The Best Makeup Product for a Natural Glow

The Best Makeup Product for a Natural Glow

I have shared this info on Instagram stories before, but I wanted to write a full blog post about two amazing makeup products that I have been loving lately. 

Let's rewind for a second. I used to swear by this foundation. I don't wear makeup everyday. I prefer to go bare-faced whenever I can because I feel that is what is best for my skin. But, when I would wear makeup, I would apply this foundation. It's still a great product. It offers full coverage in a non-cakey way and really looks flawless. 

Well, a makeup artist was doing my makeup a few months ago and I was telling her what products I use and she said not to use the foundation for every day. She said since I have beautiful skin, I should show it off and use something that doesn't cover it up. Apparently, foundation can also age you, too! There is a time and place for it- like if you are being photographed for something special or a special occasion, but I liked the idea of not covering my skin. I use so many products and work so hard to keep my skin in great shape that I wouldn't mind showing it off!

Charlotte Tilbury
charlotte tilbury unisex glow
Before CT Unisex Glow// After CT Unisex Glow

Products are rubbed in, but not fully blended. 

I decided from then on I would use Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer. I am obsessed. It might be my favorite makeup product ever. Here's what I love about it... 

- When you first squeeze it out of the tube, it's white so it looks and feels just like a moisturizer. Once you start rubbing it in, it changes to a bronzey glow but continues to feel like a moisturizer on your skin.

- Because it's technically a moisturizer, it keeps your skin hydrated all day (seriously) and it is SO easy to apply because you can just rub it all over your face... no brushes or blenders needed.

- It's one color- there are no shades so you can use it year-round. I am naturally pretty pale, so in the dead of winter, I do find that this is a little too much color for me.

- The product name does what it says- it provides me with a bit of coverage and the color is just natural, sunkissed and glowy. It's like my skin but better.

- It stays on all day and is easy to remove at night.

You can see from the photo above. It's not a miracle worker but it hides dark circles, it gets rid of the redness around my nose and mouth and just overall evens out my skin tone.

No filter- just an iPhone snap in the daylight in my bathroom! 

The second product was just recently released. It's Tula's Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer.  The CT product and the Tula product are similar but also different. Here's what is different about Tula's product.

- The product squeezes out and is a milky white/pink color. The consistency is much thinner and not like a moisturizer- this is more of a true primer. You can see the difference in the photo above.

- Similar to the CT product, once it is rubbed in, you start seeing color. The color from this is less than that of the CT. I plan on using this during the winter months when I am paler and can't handle as much bronze.

- The color of this is more of a pinkish undertone whereas the CT product is definitely bronze. The colors in the images are showing more similar than they are in real life! No filters were added to these images so you can see the true color!

- This definitely has a more blurring effect where rather than add color like the CT product does, it creates a really smooth pore-free complexion.

- The CT product is a moisturizer and while you could use it as a primer under foundation or whatnot, it's really to be worn on its own. The Tula product is great to wear on its own for a no-makeup look. You will not look like you are wearing makeup, but rather your skin will just look great.

- Since the Tula product is a primer, this can be layered with lots of different makeup to create a full-blown made-up look.

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Fully Blended In

They really are two different products but if you want to show off your skin and create a natural, youthful, and glowy look with your makeup, I could not recommend these two products more. As I mentioned, I will be using the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer in the summer and then the Tula Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer in the winter.

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Laura Baker said...

I just got the Tula product to wear for my wedding! I never wear foundation, and don't want to have a makeup artist for my wedding because I don't want to look "different" than I normally do, but I do want a LITTLE something different.


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