Thursday, September 26, 2019



Holy cow did this week fly. I have had SO MUCH to do. From just basic errands to meetings to tons of e-mails, plans with friends, and more. Wow, it's been a lot but all so great! It is just reminding me how crazy the rest of the year is going to be- it only gets crazier as the 4th quarter progresses both socially and with work but I honestly thrive on it!

Our save the dates have officially been approved and are good to go (woo!!) so those will be going out. I can't wait to share them. We have been engaged for 9 months and we still have so long until our wedding, so sending out the save the dates really makes things exciting! I have gotten so many new things in for fall that I can't wait to share- so much goodness. Henry got a bath this week which was so needed, and now he smells amazing! I've been continuing with Orange Theory and have gotten a lot of requests to review the class. I am going to wait to review it until I've hit 8 or 10 classes. I feel like I need to really get into it before I do an in-depth review, but it's coming!

This weekend we are going to be spending time with friends who are in town and also spending time with my aunt and uncle who will also be in town! We are getting a dining room table (!!!) and I'm having my aunt, uncle, parents, and grammie over for Sunday night dinner (so we can utilize said dining table).

Wearing: You have probably seen this sweater several times on Instagram and there is good reason... it is SO SOFT. Seriously the softest and nicest cashmere I have ever felt. That's really saying something, too, because I have a lot of cashmere. Size down because it runs really big!! I'm wearing a small and wish I had gotten an xs.

Eating: I did a Trader Joe's haul this week on instastories and I shared that I got the rosemary balsamic beef tips. We made them last night for dinner and they are SO good. A little sweeter than I was expecting, but delicious nonetheless! I served it with a sauteĆ© of onions and Brussel sprouts. 

Reading: I started The Alice Network and I'm about 1/3 of the way through it. It was recommended a bunch after I asked for recommendations because I loved The Nightingale so much. The Alice Network also has a ton of 5-star reviews. So far I think it's just OK. Entertaining enough to keep me going but nothing spectacular! 

Sale-ing: The Shopbop Sale is happening now through Friday! Head to this post to see my favorites. 

 Have you guys seen the trailer for the Breaking Bad movie? I have been watching all of the seasons for the first time so I'm excited for the movie! 

Listening: I'm loving my Fall 2019 playlist. So many good songs. 

Loving: You guys... this. jacket. I am OBSESSED. It's very Jackie O and classic but has an updated, modern twist with the ribbed pockets and sleeves. So versatile and would dress up even the simplest of outfits. 

 So many good things out right now- I need blinders on so I don't buy too much, ha!! 

Pittsburgh-ing: I'm trying out a new restaurant in Lawrenceville tonight with some girlfriends. I will report back on how it is!! 

Traveling: We are headed to NYC and Connecticut next! I can't wait!! 

Quoting: 'Be the person that makes others feel included.' // See more of my favorites, here. 


Lauren said...

I just came back from NYC! Hope you all have a great time!


Anonymous said...

The Alice Network is really good, but Kate Quinn’s newest book, The Huntress, is even better!

Victorious Vicki said...

If you find a really cute pair of blinders to keep me from wanting so many things, I'd be interested! :-)


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