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How to Make Your Bed Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like A Luxury Hotel
Bench and Headboard in Allie Sky Fabric 

Today's post is kind of like a recipe, but you're not going to need to go grocery shopping. This is more of a recipe for comfort! Our bedroom is *almost* done. This is ironic because it was the room on my list that I figured we would finish last because no one really sees it but us. 

But, can I just say how pleased I am with how things are turning out?! The #1 thing I love the most is our bed. My fiancĂ© and I both had queen beds in our apartments so upgrading to a king was a real treat. But I wasn't considering going any smaller. We had the space for it so why not! 

A king is LIFE CHANGING. Seriously if you are considering it, go for it. A king is HUGE and I know the jump between a queen to a king doesn't sound like a lot in terms of inches but it really feels like a lot.

Anyway, here is my recipe for a bed that feels like you are at a luxury hotel every single night of your life...

I was considering buying an entire bed or headboard. I had an entire bed in my apartment, so I decided to do something different for our home. I ended up getting an incredibly beautiful custom upholstered headboard from Ballard Designs and had a matching bench made for the foot of the bed. The headboard's quality is out of this world. It's SO substantial and the fabric is beautiful. 

Because I got a headboard, I needed a frame. I did a LOT of research on bed frames and ended up purchasing this one and I am so pleased. With the design, you don't need a box spring which is really nice. The bed frame looks flimsy in the photos, so I was skeptical but it is so sturdy and was incredibly easy to set up. 

I got a message when I was posting about our bed on instastories back in April. Someone had said that they love the bedframe but were frustrated because there was nowhere to attach a headboard. Since I did so much research and read a ton of reviews, I knew to order these brackets so you could securely attach your headboard. So easy! 
One of the biggest reasons I chose the bed frame that I did is because it is 18" high. That's about 4" higher than a typical bed frame. I wanted a higher frame since there was no box spring needed, I was worried that the bed would feel low to the ground. I really love a higher bed, so this was perfect and then there was no need for us to put our bed on risers or anything like that! Plus 18" is a lot higher than it sounds and we can store so much underneath! 

I personally love a bed skirt. There is just something so traditional about it and with our frame, we had to have one. I searched high and low and could not find a decent 18" bed skirt. They are really hard to find. This bed skirt was the only one that was decent and I actually quite like it. For the price the quality is really nice and I loved that the corners were completely wrapped around so you absolutely cannot see the bedframe. 

When you pull a mattress out of box, you're a little skeptical of how this is possibly going to puff up and become the most comfortable thing ever, right? Well, no need to be skeptical because we got the Leesa Original King Mattress and can both confirm that it is the most comfortable thing we have ever slept on. It was so easy to unbox. We just let it expand and then 'dressed' the bed and voila! 

Our first night was heavenly, we couldn't believe how comfortable it was. It's soft and forms to your body but at the same time, it is firm and supports your body. My favorite part, though, is that we never overheat with the mattress. It keeps us at a nice even temperature all night.

We now go to really nice hotels and say to eachother 'our bed is better', ha!

We added a cover to extend the longevity of our mattress. Again, I did a ton of research to find one that was affordable (I couldn't believe the cost of some mattress covers) and that was high quality and comfortable. 

This one is 100% cotton. A lot of the cheap ones, are made of synthetics which is what makes you hot when you sleep so I was so excited to find something so affordable with 100% cotton. We got down alternative because I have had down mattress covers in the past and I have been able to feel the feathers through the sheets and I didn't like that. This cover is SO soft and fluffy and really adds a luxe layer. 

It's also so easy to wash. I just toss it in by itself or with sheets/towels with a detergent pod, dry it like I would sheets and it comes out good as new. 

I was sent these sheets and duvet cover from a gorgeous linen company, 10 Grove. The products are comparable to brands like Matouk, Sferra, Frette, etc. but a lot less costly. 

I can confirm that they are just as nice if not nicer than the luxury name brand linen companies. They are so soft and just beautiful, simple, and classic. 

I love this textured layer. It's soft and we have this as the layer after the top sheet and before the duvet. It's perfect for a warmer night when you don't need the duvet or you can easily kick off the duvet in the middle of the night and just have this blanket. 

This was a huge splurge but I truly think finding an incredible down comforter makes a world of a difference. I love a super fluffy feel and we chose the 'light' so I was kind of worried it wouldn't ve very fluffy but it still was. This is soooo luxurious and really makes you feel like you're at a hotel like the Four Seasons or Ritz.

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