Monday, July 6, 2020

Henry Pupdate!

I haven't done a pupdate in quite some time but I think that's in part because there's not a ton new in Henry world- he is still the very best and sweetest and brings joy to my life daily! In December, I will have had Henry for 3 years which is pretty crazy. From what we think, that would make him around 5 years old (in December 2020) because we think he was right around 2 (on the younger end of 2) when I got him back in 2017. Time flies!!

I'm sure many people who have dogs can relate to this but Henry has absolutely THRIVED with so much staying at home. So much attention, so many walks! It made me beyond happy to see him SO happy. He is still thriving because we aren't traveling or leaving him home much at all. I will say since it has gotten so hot here, he is getting fewer longer walks, but all-in-all, he loves having so much time with us!

New House
We have been in the house for a little over a year now and I've mentioned this a few times before but he's definitely a suburban boy, haha!! I knew this from the getgo, though. Australian cattle dogs, as a breed are known to love open spaces (they are herding/farming dogs). I always felt a little bit guilty for having energetic Henry in my small apartment so I am just so happy to see him enjoy more space to run around even while inside. I love that he is so used to the house now and used to all of our walking routes, neighborhood dogs, and sweet neighbors. 

Thunder + Fireworks
This was kind of new for me to see Henry so afraid of thunder and fireworks. Our dog Mac was always terrified but Henry never seemed to mind. However, I realized that in my apartment you couldn't really hear the thunder or fireworks much. Living in a house, you can definitely hear both thunder and fireworks and poor Henry shakes and hides under the bed!

Dog Friends
Henry is iffy with other dogs sometimes. I would say he likes most dogs, but there are times when he does not. We know that so we work on it, always. One of the things I am thankful for is that Henry has made friends with our neighbor's sweet little pup, Mina. The two of them get along so well and it's nice we can go on walks together. He has also been having a lot of fun playing with our family friend's dog, Wesley. Our family friends live 5 minutes from us and have a HUGE yard and the two of them go out and run laps around each other and it is adorable. Henry does this with my cousin's pup, Stuart, too! 

In that same vein, my parents are starting to think about getting a new pup and I couldn't be more excited!! They have been looking to rescue an Australian Cattle dog so my fingers are crossed for them! 

Henry's Food
One of the things we did in the past year is that we switched Henry's food. We were originally feeding him Canidae grain-free food. We read the articles about potential issues when feeding dogs grain-free food so I asked our vet and he said there is not enough information and research yet to be totally sure but he recommended for us to switch just to be on the safe side, so we did! 

Henry's Toys
If you have read any Henry posts, then you know he LOVES to destroy toys. He loves to play and especially loves to destroy stuffed toys. I don't even want to know how much money we have spent in the past 3 years on stuffed toys. We have slowed down buying him them and are always on the hunt for new things he might love that can't be destroyed in 5 minutes. For those who have dogs that are super chewers, we have found that Nylabones, Antlers, and toys like this, are best for him (and better for our wallets!!).

Every day I am so thankful for Henry. He truly brightens every single day and brings me so much joy. I love that so many of you DM me and let me know that Henry brightens your day when you spot him on instastories!!! 


Emily said...

I love this post on Henry! He is the cutest little guy. I saw you mentioned that you switched his diet from grain-free to not-grain-free at the advice of his vet. Mind sharing what you feed him now? I am thinking of switching my dog's food!

Amanda said...

Try the brand Fluff and Tuff toys for Henry (you can get them on Amazon!). My husky always destroys her toys until I found this brand. She eventually does destroy them a bit but they do last a lot longer then anything else. They are a little more on the pricey side for a dog toy, but they last...and they have really cute designs!



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