Monday, July 20, 2020

Lettuce Ware Love

Lettuce Ware

Lettuce Ware
I'm not sure where my interest in 'lettuce ware' came from but I know my grammie has always loved it and I am thinking it came from that! 

Years ago, Williams-Sonoma did a collaboration with Bordallo Pinheiro, which is known for its cabbage plates/bowls/etc. I was just recently out of college, still living at my parents and had absolutely no use/need for these plates at that time, but I bought a set of the individual bowls and the salad plates. I have loved them so much ever since- they just make me happy! Then, Tory Burch came out with her Dodie Thayer collection and my love for the cabbage/lettuce look grew even deeper. 

I love the way green pairs with blue, too, so they surprisingly work with a lot of what I already have and use often. I love the bit of whimsy and texture it can add to a tablescape, too. Eventually, I'd like to collect a full set of all of the cabbage pieces to mix and match like you see in the tablescape I put together above!

Besides cabbage/lettuce, I also really love the Geranium pattern by Bordallo Pinheiro. I love the white dinner plates!

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Karen said...

Watch tag sales resale/consignment shops for lettuceware. I found a complete set plates,salads, bowls, platters and several serving dishes from the WS collection when I happened in a local shop. No cracks or chips, pennies on the dollar lucky day!


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