Friday, July 10, 2020

The Best Sports Bra On Sale

The Best Sports Bra On Sale
Sports Bra (on sale)
I discovered a 'new' sports bra last month! I ordered just one on major sale and when I got it in the mail I quickly deemed it the best sports bra I have ever worn. I went back to order one or two more and wouldn't you know, they were entirely sold out! I basically have been doing laundry left and right just so I can keep wearing this one sports bra I have because it is a game-changer. It is SO comfortable. 

I just noticed it's completely back in stock and on major sale again and I just ordered two more. I wanted to share this find with all of you because there are a million and one sports bras out there and I feel like it is SO hard to find a good one as well as get it at a good price. 

I am a 34C and I wear a size small. They have a helpful size chart for you to see which size you are and I feel like their size chart is spot-on. I typically wear a size medium in other sports bras so just going based on my own experience, I would say to size down. 

In the description, it says that it is for medium-impact workouts but I wear it for high-impact workouts and there is no issue- I wouldn't want anything more supportive. It has a decent amount of compression and removable cup padding. I typically don't like any padding in a sports bra, but with this one, the padding is light so as to not add any bulk. I would usually take the padding out but keep it in on this one

I also normally don't like a strappy sports bra because I don't think they stay in place as well and don't like messing with the straps getting all tangled but this one stays in place and the straps are never an issue. 

Honestly, at face value, I didn't think I'd love this bra. I originally ordered it because it's SO hard to find a high neck sports bra. I prefer a higher neck and so I just bought it on a whim. But it is now my #1 most favorite sports bra. 

The fabric is buttery soft and very stretchy. The lining of the bra is perforated so you don't get overheated and it is quick-drying. It is also UPF50, which I LOVE because it protects my upper chest even when I'm just out walking Henry. 

I don't think I have ever done a post solely on a bra, so that should tell you how much I love this one! 


simply styling said...

I've been on the search for a fantastic sports bra ! Great post as always very informative.

Joanna said...

100% agree. I have stumbled across this one and it is by far the MOST COMFORTABLE sports bra ever.

jnwink said...

Thank you thank you !!!
I have been looking for bras for post mastectomy.
This company has so many options.
thank you so much!!! I am a 59 year old retired special education teacher who loves watching my 2 grandchildren Monday -Friday. Your blog touches people of any age you have great style and a wonderful kindness. I know this year has been hard but you have handled it with such grace. Your parents did a great job raising you. Best of luck in this crazy year. nwink

emily rose said...

LOVE this sports bra! I also want to point out that they sell this in D cup sizing which is soooo hard to find. I'm a 30 DD and the XS fits perfectly.

emily rose said...

LOVE this sports bra! I also want to point out that they sell this in D cup sizing which is soooo hard to find. I'm a 30 DD and the XS fits perfectly.


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