Monday, August 31, 2020

A Wardrobe Staple: The Oxford Cloth Shirt

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One of the most-worn items in my closet also happens to be a piece of clothing that I have worn for 15+ years. Men, women, young and old, the Ralph Lauren oxford cloth button-down is about as classic as you can get. 

If you haven't tried out this type of shirt, oxford refers to the fabric of the shirt. It's cotton but instead of being a finer weave like poplin, oxford cloth is a bit of a heavier weave. It is naturally wrinkle-resistant just because of the hardy nature of the fabric, and in my opinion, it skews a bit more casual than a crisp poplin button-down.

You can find this type of shirt in a bunch of different brands since it is such a classic, but I've always preferred Ralph Lauren's version. The fabric is high quality, soft, and I love the striped version! 

My #1 styling tip when it comes to this type of shirt is to buy it in multiple sizes. I wear a women's small so that it is more fitted and I can layer it under a sweater. The fitted style definitely looks a little more polished, too.  I also buy it in a men's medium, which is what you see me wearing in the photos above. It has a boyfriend style, more casual fit, and when untucked, it's long enough to wear as a swimsuit coverup. This also looks great with leggings, too. 

I mostly style this classic piece of clothing with white jeans or regular jeans, year-round. I also think it looks great underneath a cable knit cashmere sweater for a polished, slightly dressier outfit! 

Needless to say, this shirt is super versatile. My fiancĂ© has several and usually wears them with jeans or chinos in the colder months, and it also looks great with chino shorts in the summer! 

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Sandy K said...

The tip you shared about buying shirts in multiple sizes is so important! I could never figure out why my clothes never looked like the pictures I was modeling them after even though I had very similar was the size! Mystery solved!


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