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Things I Have and Love from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale 2020
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Tomorrow starts the rolling entry to early access of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love the way they have it set up this year so that we can preview the entire thing before it goes live. It's given me the opportunity to pore over every little detail of each item to make sure the price is a good deal, it's a good quality item, etc. I also think the wish list feature is awesome because you can really tailor your wishlist and stick to your budget without tossing things in because you feel 'rushed' to purchase before it sells out. 

It's also given me a real chance to really dig into my closet and pull the items I already have and love from past sales which is what I am going to highlight today. I heard from most of you that you will be primarily shopping on 8/10, 8/13, and 8/19 so I'll focus on those future dates but for now, I wanted to get this piece out there for those of you shopping on the earlier end or just preparing your wish list. 

My take is that the sale was what I was expecting. Because of the current circumstances of retail in general, and the state of the world, the selection is much more limited than in previous years and a lot of the selection are just repeats from year's past. I will say, though, I think the variety is good and the prices are good (for the most part). There are few 'new' items that are good. So in a nutshell, I would say I'm underwhelmed and unimpressed but that's no surprise to me! 

So here we go. These are all items I already own whether purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale previously or just elsewhere. It's not everything I own from the sale, I wanted to narrow it down to the best of the best. 

Oversized Cashmere Cardigan// I bought a version of this cardigan several years ago during the sale and each year they have brought it back with a slightly different design. It's such a classic and in a basic neutral black color. I get SO much wear out of it. Whether I'm dressing it up in the winter with leather leggings and booties or wearing it over pajamas in the morning, it's a versatile, high-quality wardrobe staple. I find Vince to run a little big, but I still mostly choose to get my usual size small as I like that oversized fit. If you want something a little more fitted, I suggest sizing down.

Sports Bra// This is one of my go-to sports bras and has been for years. It has medium compression, stays in place when working out, holds up well wash after wash, and is inexpensive. It doesn't have any padding (which I like).

Almond Shower Oil// This is a splurge as it is quite pricey, but this is a really good deal. This is shower oil that warms up and works into a later. It's the BEST to shave with... so much better than traditional shave gel. Plus it smells wonderful. I tried the Trader Joe's version hoping it was just as good and it just isn't the same. This is worth every penny.

NeuBrow// I love this stuff. It is designed for brows and truly works. I've been using it for years and always buy it in the sale because of the price. It's basically half off. You can also use this on your lashes even though it is just marketed for your brows. It makes my brows grow so fast and so much thicker.

Diamond Bangle// I don't have this exact bangle, but I do have one that looks pretty darn similar and it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever. I actually just took it to the jeweler to have the prongs tightened and had a security clasp added just in case. It's dainty and a piece you can wear every day. When I have mine I never take it off!

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans// Ok so I think out of every single thing in the entire sale, this would be my #1 and because of that, I am going to do a post dedicated to these jeans and why I love them so much. They run pretty true to size, they are stretchy so if between sizes, you could definitely size down. I wore these all last fall/winter. They're still a splurge even on sale but I think they're the most comfortable and most flattering jeans I have ever worn.

Distressed Skinny Jeans// I have these and love them for the super casual vibe that they have. They are stretchy and very comfortable. I love these jeans paired with a white button-down.

Boyfriend Jeans// I've had these for years. Mine are distressed and I got them in the sale years ago. They are casual and slightly baggy so they feel SUPER comfortable. They'd be a good pair of jeans for wearing around the house. You'll feel polished but because of the looser fit, they're super comfortable. The pair I have is distressed but I actually prefer this year's design without the distressing.

Cashmere Tee// I've had these cashmere tees for years. They are classic and seem to come back every year. They're a splurge but at $126 on sale, this is a great buy (usually $255). The cashmere is thick and very high quality.

Veja Sneakers// I don't have the esplar, which is what these are, but I do have the Veja Campo and I love them SO much. These are very much the trendy European sneaker right now. I bought the esplar and campo and compared them in this blog post.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo// I've been using this pencil for forever. I took a brief hiatus to use the brow powder from Anastasia and then went back to the pencil after a makeup artist told me to because it's a much more natural look. This pencil is foolproof, truly. I have not tried the brow gel before but am interested in trying it! If you don't care about the gel, it doesn't really benefit you to get the kit as you can just get the regular pencil for $23 (full price)

t3 Curling Iron// **If you are a Costco member, you can find this on their website or sometimes in store for $59.99. A Costco membership is ~$60 so it's almost worth it to buy the membership and then get the curling iron. There is an ever-so-slight difference in design (looks only). The hairdryer is also at Costco for $75. I have both and love both and use them weekly.

Hunter Rain Boots// I have these in the classic green and they are just classic and practical. If I were to get a second pair, I'd get black, because I always wish I had black when it rains and I'm wearing black leggings!!

Patagonia Better Sweater// I have both the gray and black and get so much wear out of them year after year. I mostly wear mine with either leggings/workout shorts like you would a traditional sweatshirt or layered with jeans under a Barbour or use it as a layer for skiing. It's just a classic, functional piece of clothing that holds up to a ton of wear and washing. It runs true to size.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre// I love this scent. It's light and fresh but I feel like it has a bit of a stronger scent than my other go-to Chance au fraiche so this is the one I like to wear on 'special occasions'.

CZ Stud Earrings// I have real diamond earrings and actually prefer to wear these because I worry way less about losing them. I'm all about wearing the 'nice jewelry' all the time, but I am known to lose earrings so these just make me feel much more comfortable. Not to mention they really are gorgeous. I'm ordering a backup pair this year just so I have it. They also come in a really cute box so it's a great gift option/stocking stuffer. It would also make a nice gift for bridesmaids.

Hydroflask Water Bottle// I have this exact water bottle, just different colors, and I have never been able to get over the $50+ price tag for it (because it is NOT worth $50, I don't think any water bottle is worth that). However, at $32, it's a WAY more appealing and the price is much fairer, in my opinion. It keeps my water cold for literally days. I mostly use it when working out. I had the wrong cap originally and finally got the straw cap (which comes with this version) and it is a game-changer.

Mario Badescu Trio// This is a trio but I mainly love it because I am never without a bottle of the drying lotion. It is truly one of the best skin care products ever. If you have a zit, this stuff seriously clears it up overnight. It's magic. I've been using this for years. It's $17/per bottle so for just $6 more you get the rose spray and the lip balm. If you are only interested in the drying lotion, you could put the lip balm and rose spray together and use it to add to a gift for someone else to try! 

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