Monday, September 28, 2020

Autumn Dishes and Plates

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Today I thought it would be fun to share some autumnal dishware that is perfect for fall entertaining or even a Thanksgiving table. I'm definitely someone who loves to collect plates and dishes. I have WAY too many already and I feel like I'm just getting started, haha. I need to come up with some more storage solutions because I'm running out of cabinet space. I blame this interest in tablescapes on my mom and Grammie. They have SO MANY plates for any and every occasion. 

For me, creating a pretty table is fun, and a way I can be creative. It's also a way I can contribute to a meal as my fiancĂ© does most of the cooking! 

I've mentioned this many times before but I don't do a lot of seasonal or holiday decorating so one way I love to do seasons/holidays/themes is through a tablescape! 

Dishes can get pretty pricey, especially when you need 12 of everything. So what I love about this 'collecting hobby' is that you can collect them over the years as long as they are a staple from whatever brand. For example, I don't have 12 of everything from the beautiful Spode Woodland collection, but I will someday. Every season I'll buy 4 here and 4 there! Especially with my beloved Herend Blue Chinese Bouquet which is pricey. If you see a pattern go out of stock on the website you originally purchased it from, you can always check the Replacements website as they usually have discontinued patterns in stock! 

Another thing I like to do is buy salad plates instead of an entire collection. That way, you don't have to take up a ton of storage space with entire sets and then you can mix and match. I also just prefer a less matchy-matchy table. I think part of the creativity is being able to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures. So most of my dinner plates are very plain so they can layer and work with anything for any season. Salad plates, in my opinion, are also the perfect size for everyday lunches as it helps with portion control, too! 
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Kelly C said...

Never thought of just getting the salad plates, what a great idea!

Karen said...

I have a suggestion for your storage dilemma. I too have a wide collection of porcelain, china etc. add glassware and crystal and it gets ludicrous! Target has great wire storage shelves that you can customize for your space. I would find a corner in the garage or basement and place your out of season there. Use clear plastic totes to quickly identify or label my husband made me labels with pictures for each set. I keep an inventory of the number of each and update as needed a little work to set up but a life saver later! good luck and happy collecting!
Love your style and your blog I have found a kindred spirit!

Summer Wind said...

Karen- thank you SO much for your storage recommendation. I absolutely love this idea. This is brilliant! We have a lot of storage space in our garage but haven't really figured out the best storage solutions for everything that we want to store in there, so this is SO helpful. I have some of those cloth storage boxes that I keep Christmas plates and extra glasses/crystal in, but would love to be able to dedicate an entire area just for my plate habit, hah!!! Thank you!

Hillary said...

Buying just the salad plates is so smart! When we got married last year I specifically picked a neutral china pattern so it would match all napkins and tablecloths, but I never thought about mixing and matching a printed plate


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