Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Holy Grail Hydrating Skincare Product: Obagi Hydro Drops

You all know I love trying skincare products and while I try soooo many different ones, I often go back to tried and true favorites. However, this is a product that I have recently discovered, and had to write an entire blog post about it as it is now one of my most favorite products that I have ever used. 

What Does It Do?
It's a gel-like serum that is first and foremost aimed at hydrating the skin. The hydration is unlike any other serum I have used as I truly feel like it hydrates as much, if not more than a traditional moisturizer. It has vitamin b3 in it which is a skin super vitamin that helps to prevent/soften wrinkles and hydrate. 

What does it feel like on the skin?
It is totally lightweight on the skin and yet deeply hydrating. It is a 'gel' substance when you are putting it on, but once it goes onto your skin, it sinks in quickly and leaves a hydrated, almost oily feel. The little yellow 'balls' that you see burst as you are patting it into your skin. Once it's fully absorbed, it doesn't leave you looking oily at all, just nice and glowy! It truly keeps my skin hydrated ALL DAY. 
How does it dispense?
I am big on how skincare products come out of their bottle/tub/etc. I loathe tubs because I feel that it is not the most hygienic way to store skincare. In true serum fashion, this has a dropper applicator so you can just drop it right out onto your hands. 

When do you use it?
You can use it day and night but I use a pretty heavy moisturizer (that I love) at night, so to conserve the product (since it is not cheap) I only use it in the morning. I first rinse off my face (I don't often use a cleanser in the mornings) and then I apply my Vitamin C serum and then the Hydro Drop and then anything else I might want to add. 

Can I apply makeup over top? 
Yep, I have no problems with this. Makeup goes right on as usual. 

Does it have a scent?
Yes. Normally I don't love scented skincare products and some products I have used (and even still use) smell downright bad, but this one is the best smelling skincare product I have ever used. If they made it into a perfume I would buy it in a heartbeat. With that said, it doesn't smell 'perfumey' or strong, it's just this lovely, light, floral fresh scent. 

Is it worth the price?
It's certainly not cheap at right under $100, but it is 100% worth it in my opinion. Obagi is a solid brand- I have only ever tried this product and I swear by their Vitamin C, but it's a high-quality well-respected skincare brand. Normally, I don't spend a ton on products that just hydrate. I prefer to really spend on products with actives such as Vitamin C or glycolic acid. I feel like a good moisturizer is a dime a dozen these days (at all price ranges), but this one is truly next-level amazing. The results are instant- my face is plump and hydrated and I feel like these results truly last all day.


PrettyInPA said...

I love Obagi! Thanks for reviewing before I splurge again!

Lauren said...

I love their packaging and it sounds like a great product! Definitely going to give this a try!


Samantha C. said...

Hello, I was just curious as you mentioned in your post about a nightly moisturizer that you like to use to conserve the Hydro Drops, may I please ask which moisturizer it is that you use? Thank you for your time! Great Post!


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