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The 'Green Blanket': A holiday gift for everyone

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Back in early September, I shared on Instagram stories that I grew up with this 'green blanket' (literally because it is green) that was a throw blanket from The Company Store that my parents still have to this day. I'm not exactly sure how old the blanket is but at least 15, if not 20 years old. This blanket is the envy of every family member. If we were all in the living room, we would fight over it. My sister and I would race into the living room to try and get there first just to claim the blanket. When we would go on road trips, we would bring the green blanket with us. 

To this day, it's famous in the Carver house. Our family and friends know about the green blanket because they have been over and enjoyed it as well. Plus, it's green so you can't really miss it. 

Years ago, I tried to find the green blanket again. I ordered what I thought might be it, but nope. No such luck. I kind of gave up for a while after that. 

I was over at my parent's house this summer and was lounging with the green blanket and was reminded how I have never found a throw blanket that has been able to hold a flame to this one! During dinner one night, I asked my mom if I could have the green blanket. My mom is one of the most giving people in the world and she said NO! My sister was also at dinner and protested as she wanted the green blanket, too. 

So that set me off on a quest to find the green blanket. I think it was part nostalgia as this year has been none too fun, and I was looking for a bit of comfort, but at the same time, I just knew that green blanket was the best. Being at home so much I had become aware that I just didn't have a throw blanket I was passionate about (hahah). 

So, I finally found this blanket. It's The Company Store's LaCrosse® Down Throw. I sent it to my mom and sister and asked if they thought it was the right one. They both agreed and thought that could be it. I bought it and waited with bated breath for the blanket to arrive on my doorstep. My sister also decided to order one. She got hers a day before me and confirmed it was the green blanket. I still wasn't going to get my hopes up until I felt it in my own hands, though. 

It arrived a few days later, I quickly tore it open and the moment I felt it, I knew. IT WAS THE GREEN BLANKET! Now, I ordered 'feather tan', so I guess I really can't call my blanket 'the green blanket' anymore, but I was ecstatic. 

I shared this whole thing on Instagram stories and have heard from so many of you letting me know that you had also ordered The Company Store's LaCrosse® Down Throw and it lives up to this hype. 

As it started to get colder and a throw blanket was needed while lounging around at home, I could tell my fiancé was getting a bit jealous of my blanket. I really wanted to give it to him for a Christmas gift as he is rather hard to shop for and that would be something he would be excited about. So as he mentioned he was going to order one, I told him to hold off. 

Serendipitously, The Company Store reached out to ask if I wanted to collaborate and I was thrilled! Funny enough, the topic was to be about gifts! And I said I knew that their LaCrosse® Down Throw is the perfect gift for truly anyone and especially so for someone who may be harder to shop for (cough, Andrew, cough). 

This is the throw size of the blanket which is 50x70" and it is plenty big enough to cover me entirely or if you are sitting right next to someone else, you can cover two people. If you are looking for something bigger, they make this blanket in sizes for beds, too. The outer fabric is soft but also has a nice 'crisp' feel to it, too. It's fluffy but not heavy. 

I wash mine on 'cool' for the water setting and then dry it with dryer balls with the heat on 'low'. I only wash/dry this by itself. 

So now my fiancé is lucking out getting his blanket earlier than Christmas as clearly now that this post is live, the cat is out of the bag. Needless to say, he is thrilled to have his own 'green blanket'. Oddly enough, Henry seems to also have lucked out as he prefers this blanket (the pup has good taste in pillows and throws) and loves to curl up in the blanket, too. 

Right now, The Company Store is having their Black Friday sale, and the LaCrosse® Down Throw is included and comes in 17 colors. I got my fiancé the Smoke blue color and he loves it. You're going to want to head over to my Instagram later today as there might be a giveaway of sorts... hint, hint. The Company Store's sale is today through 11/27. You get up to 40% Off Black Friday Specials + 20% Off everything else. 

Besides the throw, I have long been a fan of The Company Store. I purchased our down comforter from there as well as our pillows and have sheet sets as well. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, they create high-quality linens and more for very fair prices.
Besides the blanket, I would highly recommend these other two items that I can now give my stamp of approval on. My mom is ALWAYS cold and since she loves the green blanket, I knew that this down robe was right up her alley. I gave this to her as an early gift, because again, this post is now live, so there is no hiding it! She kindly let me wear her gift to share it with you all here. It is truly the most luxurious robe. It feels like you are wearing the 'green blanket' around the house. It's like a cocoon of warmth. It's also not super bulky like you might think it would be and is very easy to move around in. 
The next gift idea are these flannel pajamas. My mom loves The Company Store's flannel sheets and we always grew up with them on our beds in the winter and these pajamas feel just like that. They are so incredibly smooth and soft and even lightweight but still so warm. I am wearing a size small and I would say they run big. I like a roomier fit in my pajamas so I don't mind the size small at all, but I think if you like something slightly more fitted, size down one size. 

Thank you to The Company Store for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 


Kelly C said...

This is probably the giveaway I care about the most this year! ha! Wish me luck, because this went on my Christmas list as soon as you posted about it earlier this year.

Karen said...

We have the Company Store down blankets on every bed in the house! I became addicted in college at Michigan State because it was so cold and the dorm and sorority dialed the heat down at night! I had two and one is still being used today, the second “disappeared “ years ago!


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