Monday, March 8, 2021

Amazon Finds

Amazon Finds
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Another month and another round of my Amazon finds! So many good ones in this roundup and as always, you can check out my Amazon storefront where I am constantly updating it with my finds. 

Olay Daily Facials// I just reordered these for the 100th time... ok probably not 100 times but I have been using these for years to remove my makeup. They are the best. I love them because I don't feel the need to use cleanser after this. It's like a makeup remover and cleanser in one. 

Frozen Face Mask// I just got this and love it. I love my ice roller and this is similar but hands-free! Helps with undereye puffiness! 

Phone Case// I got this phone case when I needed something ASAP when I got my new phone and I love it. It's actually really nice for the price and there were lots of nice colors to choose from. 

Beef Sticks// These are SO good. I love beef jerky and beef sticks like these and these are so flavorful. This is the perfect type of thing I can leave in my tote to have on-the-go.

Nail Strengthener// I love this nail strengthener and have been using it in between manicure appointments. It's supposed to help strengthen your nails but it's also a nice, shiny clear coat which I think I prefer over bare nails. 

Mini Dustpan// This is so cute for in the kitchen. If I spill coffee grounds or something little, this just makes it easy to quickly clean up. 

Striped Sweatshirt// My fiancĂ© got this and loves it to lounge around in. Just a classic, nicely made sweatshirt. 

Boot Laces// I got these to swap out with my Bean boots for a little color! 

Blistex//Always reordering this. One of my favorite lip balms. 

Folex// I spilled tomato soup on our barstools so I bought this and it really did work so well! I usually use Dawn dish soap as it seriously gets everything out but the tomato stain wouldn't completely come out so I tried the Folex and the stain was gone! 

Bamboo Frame// I have shared this a bunch before but this is the best source for affordable silver frames. 

Scalloped Bowls// Are these not the cutest?! I like little bowls like this because it helps me with portion control when it comes to candies and chips and snacky stuff like that! Plus they would be cute for dips! 

Humidifier// This winter has been SO dry was taking a toll on my nose and skin so I got this dehumidifier. There are like a million and one options online and I took a gamble. This one has turned out to be great and was inexpensive. I have never used a humidifier before and I was pleasantly surprised at how much it has helped!

Oil Sprayer// This is a lazy person's dream. A quick spritz and you've got oil in your pan ready to go- you don't even have to screw off a top, ha! 

Kibble Bubble// The cutest little pouch for small dog treats that can hook onto a leash. 

Blue and White Coasters// I mean do these even need any explanation?!

Makeup Brush// Such a good brush for the price. I much prefer this style of makeup brush vs. a more traditional style. 

Blue and White Mug// This mug is gorgeous!!! It would make such a cute gift. 

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