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The Best Concealer For Dark Under Eye Circles

The Best Concealer For Dark Under Eye Circles
Concealer in beige// Brightener in light to medium// Mascara + Primer

Two makeup posts in one week- this is definitely a first, ha!! I wanted to get this post up pretty quickly because of the Bergdorf Goodman beauty sale I mentioned in Tuesday's post. It ends soon and besides Westman Atelier being included, my holy-grail concealer is also included in the promotion. 

You get $50 off $200, $125 off $500, $275 off $1000, etc. The catch is that you have to spend at least $200 to get the discount. 

If you need some ideas to add to your cart (I also included these suggestions in Tuesday's post) I would recommend this body wash, my favorite perfume, this candle, the hairdryer I use weekly. 

Anyway, the concealer is pricey and I had seen a lot of people talk about it on social media and how much they loved it. I thought $70+ was a little pricey for concealer, so I had always held off. Finally, I caved, and oh my goodness am I so glad I did. 

I went from struggling with acne in my mid-20's and that thankfully went away but now at 30, dark under-eye circles have really become my gripe. It's funny because it's like once I hit 30, it was like a switch was flipped, and all of the sudden I had dark under eyes!! I think it was partially caused by my eyelash serum. A side effect of using an eyelash serum can be the darkening of the skin around your eyes and this definitely happened to me. I stopped using it and the skin around my eyes has really improved (so glad!!), but I still have darker under-eye circles than I would like. 

What is most unfortunate is that no skincare product can really get rid of dark circles. So, concealer it is. I was using Makeup Forever concealer and liked it but it never gave me the full coverage I was looking for. 

The Cle de Peau concealer is full coverage. I wear the shade beige. It somehow erases my dark circles, unlike any other concealer I have ever used. And yet it really doesn't feel heavy on my skin and it definitely does not look heavy or cakey. I also love that it has SPF 25 in it. It's in stick form and the consistency is really thick and doesn't feel creamy at first. You have to use your finger to apply the product (or at least I think you do) to warm it up so you can blend it. Once it is warmed up, it's quite easy to blend. 
The Best Concealer For Dark Under Eye Circles
I was sold on the first application of it and love it so much I will continue to repurchase even at full price. This is a before and after photo where I obviously did one eye before doing the second to show the difference. This photo is completely unedited... this one was taken a month or two ago and on the right, you can kind of see the 'redness' around the eyelid area and everything-  that is what I have been referring to on Instastories when I say the skin around my eyes was darkening! Luckily, that has since faded. 

Anyway, I got my mom hooked on the concealer, too. I had my dad put it in her Christmas stocking, ha! And then some of my girlfriends also purchased it. 
The Best Concealer For Dark Under Eye Circles
Top to Bottom:
 Brightener in light to medium
Concealer in beige

It does go on sale sometimes. I purchased the concealer last fall via Nordstrom and was able to get it for $62. And right now it's included in the Bergdorf sale. In the photo above, I heavily swatched the concealer and brightener (more on that below). You can see how much coverage you get with the concealer and you can see how the brightener is a lot more sheer and light-reflecting. 

The Best Concealer For Dark Under Eye Circles
The next product I wanted to tell you all about is this under-eye brightener. It's part concealer, part color corrector. A makeup artist recommended a color corrector to me once and I have been using one ever since. Previously, I was using this Smashbox stick, which is great, but this is even better. I have tried the Urban Decay corrector and didn't care for it (I think it has since been discontinued). 

The brightener is a peachy color that is used to counteract the purple-blue tinge that you can get under your eyes. If you saw the color for the first time, you might just think it's the wrong color for your skin, but it really does balance out the purple undertones. It's a lighter coverage and so I would not really call it a true concealer, although you can wear it on its own and I do that sometimes. 

If you layer the Concealer and Brightener, the two together are flawless. I don't do this daily, but for a special occasion, this is the answer! If I was doing my own makeup for my wedding, I would be using exactly these two products without a doubt. 

The unfortunate news is that Becca is going out of business in September which is why I wanted to share immediately because as of writing this, the brightener seems to be out of stock everywhere. SUCH a bummer. However, I linked to a bunch of different sources and will alert everyone if I see it pop back into stock. When I do, I will promptly be purchasing backups!! The size you see in the photo above is the small size as it was actually sold out last spring when I first purchased it so I could only find it in a Becca gift set and bought that, and actually, ended up falling in love with the Becca under eye primer and setting powder.

A lot of makeup artists use this color correcting palette, so I might have to try that out when I run out of the Becca! 

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Jules Buono said...

I agree with you that Becca is my absolute favorite holy grail product! I was just writing a post about this product myself the other day and learned Becca is going out of business in September 2021. I'm devastated. We all need to stock up!

Maureen said...

I need this concealer! My under eye need all the help they can get and this is by far the best I have seen!

Maureen |

Anonymous said...

Becca didn't work for me but that may have been my skin type. It is hit or miss for some but alot of people I know swear by it.


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