Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Perfect Dress

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You all have seen this dress a lot because I have worn it quite a bit! These photos are all from 2019 and can I just say that seeing them REALLY makes me miss getting dressed up. I really really really miss it. Really. I cannot wait to have an event where I can wear this dress again. I think it's one of those dresses that I will hang on to forever. 

It's one of my favorites and based on clicks and sales, it also seems to have been one of your favorites, too. I still get messages to this day with people asking if I am willing to sell this dress or if I know of anywhere they can get it. 

Well... this exact dress is still not available, however, I've recently discovered that there are three very similar options and one is SO good for brides. 

Dress (also here)
Is it not GORGEOUS?! I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw it. I really love a fit and flare cut and it was popular a few years ago but I feel like the silhouette has been harder to find in the past several years! 

I find the sizing to be pretty true to size. With these dresses, the only fitted part of the dress is right at the waist. Otherwise, the skirt is very roomy and the top is stretchy! 

Dress (also here)
You all know how I feel about navy!! I don't love the tie around the neck on this one, I would have that removed. I just love the elegance of the skirt on these dresses. 

Dress (also here)
This is another option on sale! With St. Patrick's Day coming up, this is really feeling appropriate! I like the color blocking on this one and the short sleeves make it feel a little more 'casual' and less fall/winter/spring.

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