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Updated Makeup Routine

Updated Makeup Routine
Shop my Makeup Routine:
Today I'm sharing my makeup routine. I am no beauty guru by any means, although I do love trying different/new products. I finally feel like the routine I am about to share with you all is the best routine I've ever had. I feel like these products work so well for me and my skin and complexion. Finding the right makeup and skincare for you personally is a series of trial and error and so this has been a long time coming, that's for sure! 

I tried to time this with the Sephora Sale that is currently going on so if you are interested in any of these products, you can get some of them at a discount. The details for the sale are... 

Rouge 20% Off// April 9-19
VIB 15% Off// April 13-19
Insider 10% Off// April 15-19

The code is OMGSPRING. They're also offering 30% off all Sephora Collection products regardless of status. I find their eyebrow pencil to be great and directly comparable to other pricier brands. 

I am a VIB. I am not loyal only to Sephora. I shop a lot on Cos Bar, Dermstore, Credo, and Nordstrom for a lot of my beauty products as I find they often have really great sales. So while this is a great time to save with Sephora, these other retailers also have a lot of these items and have sales often, too! 

When they are all listed out like this, it seems like a long process, but doing my makeup for everyday wear takes me all of 6 mins max. If I'm getting ready for a special occasion, I might take 10-15mins.
This is such a pretty foundation that provides a good amount of coverage so my skin looks more uniform but it still lets freckles show through. It's buildable so if I have a blemish or discoloration, I can apply more to that specific area. I wouldn't call it 'flawless' because it does allow some natural skin imperfections to show through (but to me, that is positive). It blends so nicely which is one of my favorite things about this foundation! See my full review on Westman Atelier products, here

Becca Undereye Brightener// applied with fingers 
I don't use this every single day, but it's such a good product. It's for brightening and neutralizing purple/blue undereye circles. I use it day-to-day without concealer for a very natural, no-makeup look. Or, I layer it under the Cle de Peau concealer (if I am getting dolled up for a special occasion or if I have really bad dark circles that day). You can read about my holy grail Under Eye products, here
Cle de Peau Concealer in Beige// applied with fingers
This has been a game-changer for me. I have dark under-eye circles and have tried a ton of different concealers throughout the years. This is the best I have ever tried. Hands down. It covers my dark circles and blends so nicely. It does not look cakey and does not settle into fine lines. I often just wear this on its own, but it pairs perfectly with the undereye brightener I talked about above. 
I mostly use this setting powder during the summer months when I tend to get a shiny forehead and chin. If I am doing my makeup for a special occasion, I usually use setting powder to set my foundation and concealer. This powder is SO fine so you really cannot tell you have applied it. Even though the powder is white, it kind of just melts into my skin and you don't get that really pale undereye with a camera flash that you can get with some other setting powders. 


This setting powder is what I use for a special occasion because it is waterproof so it makes all of the makeup underneath of it waterproof. It works really well for being outside in the hot heat in the middle of the summer. I typically prefer the texture of the Becca powder better, but the waterproof factor in this one is sometimes necessary. Urban Decay also makes a setting spray that works to also waterproof makeup. I have been using that product for 10+ years but ever since I found the powder, I use that more often vs. the spray. 
This is considered a cream highlighter but I use it as a bronzer. I apply it in that 3 motion around my forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. It's beautiful. It definitely has a shimmery quality to it, but it's not like glittery or childish by any means. I find that the shimmer really helps to give depth to my complexion and the color is such a nice warm glowy bronze. See my full review on Westman Atelier products, here.
I absolutely love this blush and really think this was a huge game-changer in my makeup routine. This is a cream blush and it's very pigmented so you only need to use a tiny bit. For some reason, most powder blushes I have worn in the past wear off on my skin SO quickly. This stays put all day and gives me such a nice flush. See my full review on Westman Atelier products, here.


This is very similar in feel to the WA blush stick. This is in a pot instead of a stick but this color is a gorgeous coral... so perfect for summertime and this also lasts all day! After using a few of the Westman Atelier products that come in stick form, I really wish all makeup came in that form. I think it makes everything so much easier to apply and is a lot more sanitary since you don't have to use your fingers. 
This is such a good highlighter. It's very easy to apply and blend and gives such a pretty glow. It's shimmery but doesn't look sparkly by any means. It just gives my skin a glowy finish. It blends so easily and a little goes a long way! I use this everywhere you are supposed to apply highlighter... I don't typically wear a highlighter daily, but just whenever I want to do something a little 'extra'. 

I've tried a lot of brow pencils and powders. A makeup artist once told me to use a pencil vs. a powder because it gives a more natural look and I definitely agree with that. Really thin pencils are so easy to use, they are practically foolproof. I have used Anastasia before and lots of other brands from drugstore to luxury and this is one thing I am truly not convinced spending more or less money makes any difference. I really have never tried a bad brow pencil. This is just currently what I am using now, but I will continue to try different brands until I find one that 'blows me away'. 


I usually use my brow powder as an eyeliner- I use the darker shade and it is a great natural-looking eyeliner. I don't typically wear eyeliner, but when I do, I prefer this over a pencil or a liquid. I do use this as brow powder occasionally... sometimes if I think my brows are looking sparser than usual, I'll turn to this! 
This is a cream powder and it's meant to be an eye shadow, but I have also been using this as eyeliner. Again, I don't often wear eyeliner, but this is a great color and so easy to apply. I prefer this over the brow powder because I think it lasts longer, though, this is slightly 'harsher' than the powder! You can't go wrong with either, though. 
I almost never wear eyeshadow and yet I do have quite a few eyeshadow palettes. I keep only this one in my makeup bag, though. I really like the colors and they last for a very long time. If I am going to wear eyeshadow, I'll often use the darkest color as 'eyeliner' and then the lightest color to just brighten up my eyes a bit. I actually really love a lot of Charlotte Tilbury's products. I have never tried a bad product from the CT brand! 
I have all 3 of these mascaras in my makeup bag right now and really love all 3 for different reasons. The Voluminous million lashes really separates and lengthens my lashes, the lash paradise makes them look thicker, and the chantecaille makes them look sooooo long and wispy. I would recommend all 3 of these. The Loreal options are obviously much more budget-friendly options! I am going to go back to lash extensions soon, though, so I am excited to be able to ditch the mascara again! 

Some Notes:

On My List To Try:
- WA Foundation in Atelier 5 (for summer when I'm tan)
- The Rich Cream Mini (just to see what all the hype is about!)

Honorable Mentions on Sale at Sephora:
These are items that I also love and recommend. For brevity's sake, I wanted to quickly mention these and not deep dive into them. 
Jo Malone Perfume (best scent ever)
- Dennis Gross Peel Pads (worth every cent)
- t3 Curling Iron and Hairdryer (what I use weekly to curl and dry my hair)
- Lip Liner in Pillow Talk

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