Monday, May 10, 2021

Amazon Finds

Amazon Finds

I haven't done an Amazon post in a while and I have found some really amazing things lately! My Amazon ordering habits are constant, but they ebb in flow between buying 'necessities' and fun things. I go awhile without ordering anything 'fun' and then all of the sudden, I find so many great things at once!!

A few things that need an explanation... 

Brow Soap// My sister introduced this to me. It keeps your eyebrows in place and works SO well. Better than eyebrow gel, in my opinion! 

Sleep Mask// I got this because it has room for my eyelash extensions! It keeps things pitch black but I don't have to worry about it putting pressure on my lashes. Works like a charm and so soft!

Volcanic Roller// This gets rid of shine and is so easy to toss in my bag! 

As always, you can visit my Amazon page to see things I add throughout the month! 

Shop the Items:

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Annonymous said...

Just looked through your Amazon page and didn't see a steamer? Any suggestions for oen...want to make sure it has automatic shut off. Thank you.


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