Thursday, May 6, 2021

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This has been the best week EVER even though it has been raining non-stop!! Last night, we took our first dance lesson. We were not planning on taking lessons originally, but we thought it would make a fun date night. We had a blast and can't wait for the next one! 

Did you all enjoy a margarita for Cinco de Mayo? I made a really fun tequila cocktail that I will be sharing here tomorrow to kick off the weekend- it turned out to be SO delicious. 

I am hosting Mother's Day dinner so I have a lot of errands to get done tomorrow to prep! I haven't bought flowers in so long so I'm really looking forward to arranging them and setting a beautiful spring table. I've said this a bunch but my mom really is the best and so I can't wait to host a lovely evening for her!! 

I tackled my closet cleanout that I do every season. I got rid of lots and tidied up my closets. It felt SO good to do. I also got new bedding for our bed (my fiancé accidentally bleached ours). So I'm also going to be washing all of that and getting the new bedding put on the bed. I have this weird love for clean bedding. Washing linens and putting on new sheets, etc. brings me SO much joy. Like probably one of my favorite things ever. 

My sister is coming into town this weekend which is so exciting. She is staying almost an entire month. I am so glad to have her home for so long!! 

Wearing: I got this basic white sweatshirt to wear with things like skorts and shorts during the spring/summer months. It's lightweight and just a really nice classic for under $100. 
Eating: I saw 'Taco Bell' and had to get these. I ordered them in my Walmart grocery delivery. They are similar to the Moon Cheese and all of those cheese crisp snacks and they are SO good. One thing I don't love about a lot of those snacks is that they are a bit oily but these are not at all! I would definitely get these again. 

Drinking: Stay tuned for a fun cocktial recipe tomorrow! 

Sale: These beautiful leather ballet flats look SO similar to my Chanel flats and are a fraction of the cost! 

 I started watching the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff and I am loving it, ha!! 

Listening: If this is not the best song ever created, I'm not sure what is. 

Loving: This is the very best hand cream I have ever used. Like I thought I was using great hand cream, but this is NEXT LEVEL. I use it nightly as it's pretty thick and doesn't sink in quickly, but it has totally changed the skin on my hands for the better. I would highly recommend this. 
Wanting: I just ordered this blue and white skirt and I am SO excited about it. It is STUNNING! 

Traveling: We are going to the Outer Banks for a wedding in June! We really only have one 'free' night, but wondering what you would all recommend for dinner there?! My fiancé used to go on vacations there as a child, but I have never been! 

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.


Anonymous said...

You should go to the Blue Point in Duck for dinner!

Kali McFarland said...

If you're going to be near Duck while you're in the OBX, you have to try the Blue Point for dinner/drinks. Beautiful sunset views, amazing cocktails, and really great food. The scallops are my favorite!

Karen said...

Ditto on Blue Point!


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