Monday, May 3, 2021

The One Dress You Need This Summer

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If there is one dress you get this summer, I think it should be this one. Online stock photos and even these photos in this post do not do the dress justice. It's a thick cotton fabric and cut in an a-line shape. On paper and even in the stock photos, it kind of seems like a 'basic', casual striped cotton dress. 

But, for some reason, the way this dress moves and drapes has a very elegant vibe to it that is hard to describe. Because of the shape and fabric, it is also SO comfortable. It's the type of dress you want to throw on during the hottest of summer days to stay cool but still look great. 

It's so well made. the cotton is nice and thick and the stripes line up at the seams. What's even better is that you can toss this dress in the washer. It's low maintenance!

I would suggest sizing down one size as it runs big. It's a bit stretchy, but it's not meant to fit tight. I guarantee you will see me in this dress every single week this summer. I haven't ordered the black, but I want to because I think in black it could look borderline 'dressy' with big earrings and espadrilles. 

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