Tuesday, June 29, 2021

On The Beach

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Oh my goodness what a weekend!! Apologies for my absence yesterday... I was fully planning on working in the car ride down and back as we went to the Outer Banks this weekend. I was not, however, planning on getting no service (because I have to use mine or my fiancĂ©'s hot spot) for about 75% of the ride. And once we got to our hotel, our WiFi was so slow and our phones had barely any service- not even enough to be able to upload these photos! I was PANICKED because we had our marriage license interview over Microsoft Teams on Saturday morning, which we could only do on a computer, so we found a stronger spot and posted up there until the meeting was over. Crisis averted. 

So I spent all Monday playing catch up and today I feel like I can finally take a breath, ha!! And just when I feel like I am caught up, it's back to the car shop to get my car looked at AGAIN! Honestly, I'm just laughing at this point it's so comical! 

Anyway, now onto the photos above... We drove down to the Outer Banks (for a wedding) on Friday morning and had a whirlwind weekend. We stopped at JMU on the way down (totally spontaneous). It was so much fun to see my alma mater as I haven't been in so long! After a very long drive, we finally made it to the Outer Banks. We dropped our stuff at our hotel and went straight to the beach. It was so beautiful out. We had a great seafood dinner and then the next day, woke up, grabbed some breakfast, and then did our marriage license application interview. So we should be getting our actual marriage license in the mail in the next few days which is SO exciting!!!! 

Saturday, we hung out on the beach with friends. We lucked out because the weather was perfect! We headed back to the hotel, got ready for the wedding, and enjoyed such a gorgeous evening! Then, we woke up early Sunday and headed on the long journey home. It was such a quick weekend but I hope we can make it back to the Outer Banks sometime soon because it was so beautiful. We stayed in the Corolla area! 

This is like my dream outfit that I want to wear all summer long. It kind of reminds me of something a Nancy Meyer's movie character would wear. You all know how much I love this shirt already so I won't draw it out, but it's truly the best. 

I brought this Hat along and felt unbelievably chic because of the wide brim and the beautiful blue and white bow. Krista Robertson designed it in collaboration with Lisi Lerch and they were kind enough to send me one and it's just gorgeous!! I am alllll about anything that covers my face from the sun. 

Ok and last item I want to share with you all: these Sunglasses. I very randomly came across these during Amazon Prime Day. They're under $15. I typically like pricier sunglasses, but I do have several inexpensive pairs of sunglasses in my car, in my entryway, etc. just to have on hand. I thought these looked cute and wow, I didn't expect to love them as much as I do. I am going to order another pair so I can keep them everywhere. For the price, they are really nice. I mean they're no RayBans but for under $15, they're really great!

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