Monday, August 9, 2021

Pre Fall Wish List

I can't believe we are over a week into August! This time of year always feels so bittersweet- it has that back-to-school feeling, football starts popping back up on TV, and yet it's still very much summer with the high temperatures and the fact that the pools are still open! 

I always jump the gun when it comes to the fall season. So please excuse me for this post!! It's my absolute favorite season and I just want to savor it and enjoy it as much as possible! I love sweaters and fall dresses and high heels and all of the things that come with fall: the scents, the flavors, the colors. I love it all! 

Next up after this wish list in the coming week or two, I am going to do a fall tablescape roundup. I think summer tables are my favorite to do but a very close second is definitely the fall season with the rich hues and textures. I have already seen so many good fall items out there to design stunning dinner tables! 

I got rid of so much stuff over the past year/year and a half, and so I've been trying to mindfully add to my closet with pieces I love and that are pretty classic and well made. The one thing I got rid of a TON is shoes. I am not particularly gentle on my shoes and so, therefore, it's not really like I can donate them or anything because they are beyond the point of return. The cobbler who takes care of my shoes joked with me about how hard I am on shoes (and he definitely wasn't joking haha!!).  I'm not a shoe-a-holic like some people I know... ahem, my mom and sister!!! I just like to have a few really nice pairs and then wear the heck out of them. 

So if you notice shoe-heavy posts lately, this is why!! I've also been searching high and low for cocktail dresses. We have so many occasions for cocktail dresses this year and already, we have so many cocktail occasions on the calendar for 2022. Well, there is a literal cocktail dress shortage. No, really, there is a true shortage!!

I've also been wanting to add in a beige/light tan handbag. I have my eye on a Mark Cross Grace bag (Rear Window, anyone?), but they stopped making the color I want so I've been keeping an eye out on sites like eBay and The Real Real to see if one pops up. I've also been wanting some sort of navy blue tote/larger bag- something like this one. But have yet to find one that has me clicking 'add to cart'. 

Another 'fashion goal' (LOL) for me is that I really want to try to wear jeans less and pants more this fall. I wear jeans all the time in the winter, which is great, but I'd love to embrace other pants. I've started to order a few pairs to see what I think and I will share them with you all if I have any success! 

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Kelly C said...

I only get to wear jeans on Friday's at work, so I've found some really great pants over the years. I will have to say anything Spanx pants have been my absolute favorites, highly recommend!


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