Monday, September 20, 2021

Pink! Pink!

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Anytime I see this particular shade of pink, I immediately think of the movie Funny Face. Have you all seen that? It stars Audrey Hepburn and is just so fabulous. Well worth the watch if you have not yet seen it. Watch this clip to get in the pink mood!! 

As much as I love all shades of blue, which is definitely my favorite color, I also love pink. I always have! I have noticed that pink really seems to be 'in' right now and I've also noticed it seems like pink sweaters are everywhere right now! I am here for it. 

I've mentioned this before, but I'm trying to wear jeans and leggings less and focusing on switching things up a bit. Normally, I would have gone straight to my jeans to pair with this sweater, which is great and how I will likely wear it on occasion. However, I really wanted to 'challenge' myself to style it differently. This is easily an outfit you could wear to a business casual office but it's also something I'd wear on a weeknight dinner with friends and family.  

Cute pink sweaters, right?! The top right sweater is actually one that I have in a beige color and wore so much last fall and I also have the navy blue!

This sweater runs true to size. It's a swing style of sweater so there is a little more room/width at the hips! If you are between sizes, size down! I am wearing a small. 

I also have the top left pink sweater in navy blue from last fall! I love it as it is so classic. It's also nice to have a different neckline from a crewneck cashmere sweater. It makes me feel like I am changing things up a bit! It runs true to size!

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