Thursday, February 24, 2022


Hope you are all having a great week! Keeping things brief today as I am in Charlotte visiting my sister and we are headed to Charleston today for her bachelorette weekend! I am so excited to be able to spend time with her and have some fun! You can follow along on our trip on Instagram

Even though I am traveling, as always, I will have fresh blog posts here with the schedule as usual! 
Wearing: I just ordered this dress and I am so excited. I absolutely love the blue and white print! 

Eating: We have eaten more chili this fall/winter than anything else. Make this recipe, you will not regret it! My husband follows the recipe to a T with no changes/substitutions. It's literally perfect. 
Drinking: Have you all tried these Suja juices? I'm not all into the juice craze, but every once in a while I like something 'fun' to drink. I've been getting a different one at Whole Foods each time I go and they are really good. They aren't sugary sweet like regular juices. They taste fresh and a little lighter. 

Sale: Tory Burch is having their Private Sale, which, in my opinion, I think that this is their best sale in terms of prices as this is when you can usually score the deepest discount. I love to shop for their clothes during this sale! I absolutely love this swimsuit wrap and OMG. THIS COAT!! If you have a black tie event, this gown is stunning. I think I'd try to also wear it as a scarf. I'm not typically a TB handbag gal, but oh my gosh. This handbag. It's still so pricey but wow. 

Did you all watch the first season of Bridgerton? I loved it!!! I'm so excited to see the trailer out for the second season! The costumes, the way it was filmed- so bright and cheery, the acting. All of it is so good! The second season comes out on March 25th!

Loving: I just ordered this tiny little lamp and am so excited about it. I LOVE lamp light and am always looking for a way to incorporate it more. I have a cute little lamp in our guest bathroom and just love the light it gives off. We don't have as much room in our own bathroom since we have double sinks so I have always looked for something smaller. This has such a small footprint and you don't need any cords as it is totally rechargeable! 

Listening: This rendition of Higher Love popped up on TikTok and it is SO good. If you need a mood boost, this is it! Just try not to dance or smile while listening-impossible!! This choir is so talented!!
Wanting: I think this dress is soooo cute. I also love these sandals. SO fun! 

Pittsburgh: We got Iron Born this past weekend and I just have to remind everyone how good it tastes. It's seriously one of the best pizza spots in Pittsburgh. Totally different than most other pizzas, but just wonderful! 
Smelling: Packed the travel version of this perfume and I forgot how good it smells! 

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.


Anonymous said...

Your blog and style of writing is very elementary. It lacks substance and style. You are no longer 18 years old or 22 years old. We, your readers, want to see maturity not only in what you post but in how you write. That's all.

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

Anonymous, it really just sounds that you don’t enjoy visiting my website! Totally ok and I respect that but no one is forcing you to be here! My website is not created to be a literary masterpiece, but to sound like we are girlfriends chatting. It sounds that my site isn’t the right fit for you. And by all means, if you don’t enjoy it, please find other sites that you do enjoy! I’m all about accepting constructive criticism but not when it is under the veil of anonymity! Feel free to email me if you’d like to chat more! Have a nice day!


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