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February Favorites

February Favorites
Pima Mock neck// Unshackled Cabernet
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I started this series last month as I was noticing my end-of-year favorites is a post that is always so well received. I also wanted to share these by month because with a lot of stuff that I love, if I wait until the end of the year, it's often sold out. 

This list is always going to be a bit random as it spans all facets of my life. So not just clothes and accessories! 

Kiehls Squalene Moisturizer// This is one of my favorite 'newer' products. I've talked about it before but it really deserves the first spot on this list. It's a really thick moisturizer. You warm it up in your fingers and then spread all over your face. I use it as a moisturizer before bed when my face is extra dry and needs a boost. It's called a mask but I don't use it that way! You definitely could, though. 

Bobo's Granola// I've been able to find this brand at Whole Foods and Target. I'm not a huge granola person. These are pretty 'clean' in terms of ingredients and they just taste absolutely delicious. If you heat up one of the little apple stuffed 'muffins' in the microwave it might as well be a piece of freshly baked apple pie. Such a treat. I also keep them in my handbag- I love the chocolate chip, for when hunger strikes! 

Hot Honey Dijon// This is a MUST. I hope they don't discontinue it as it is a special edition type thing. It has a heavy dijon flavor with the tiniest bit of spicy honey flavor. I put this on sandwiches, in marinades and dressings, and even just use it as a dip. DELISH!!!! 

Flawless Filter// I wrote an entire post about this. It's SO good. 

Hair Brush// This is a crazy expensive hairbrush. I had held off for years from buying it even after reading rave reviews. Well, Courtney used it on my hair for my wedding and I love the way it feels on my head. Which sounds like a really weird thing to say, but it's like 'cushioned' when you run it over your head. It feels so good! I also think it really makes my hair look smoother and just all-around shinier. 

Eyelash Curler// I was using a $5 Revlon curler. It was fine.  I always saw rave reviews on this Shiseido one but it's almost 5x the price of the Revlon. I finally caved and ordered you guys, it is AMAZING. It works so much better... truly at least 5x better than the Revlon one!

Scuba Half Zip Pullover// Love this pullover. It is cropped so it pairs so well with leggings and shorts and skorts. I wear it mostly to and from Orange Theory. It's so cozy because it is roomy and the interior is lightly lined with a soft fleece. I have it in black but really love the other colors that it comes in! 

Fleece Scarf// I just love this scarf so much. I've been wearing it with my puffer coats a ton the past few months. It's big and chunky and just keeps my entire face and neck warm. It's perfect for when I walk Henry or am outside for any extended period of time. It's so well made. 

No Show Socks// These are great no-show socks. They are comfortable and was well. I find myself buying another set here and there because I wear them so much. 

Cutting Boards// We needed new cutting boards as ours were getting icky after years of use. These are so nice for the price! They are just basic, nothing fancy, but I really like them. Great for every day but not for specialty things as they don't have a well or anything like that if you are cutting meat! 

Licorice// I first saw Mary Orton recommend this licorice. I'm honestly not a big licorice person but I saw it in the store and decided to give it a try. I can't believe I ever thought Twizzleres were good. These are SO good. They're chewy and so flavorful and just all-around wonderful! They apparently make watermelon flavor as well so I am on the hunt for those to try! 

Pima Mock neck// I have this white cotton Nike mock neck long sleeve tee that my mom got me for Christmas one year. I LOVE it. I wear it so often. Of course, they no longer make it, that always happens with basics you fall in love with, ha! I have been on the hunt for something similar for years now and this is the closest I have found. Perfect for layering in the winter and pairs well over a tank top with leggings for to-and-from a workout class! 

Unshackled Cabernet// This is by the same people that make Prisoner but at a much lower price point. It's such a good cabernet for the price. Not really anything like Prisoner but still excellent. Nice and dry and flavorful. 

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