Monday, June 20, 2022

Father Daughter Golf

Dress (comes with shorts)// Sweatshirt (same brand but mine is a few years old)
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This past weekend was the annual 'Father Daughter' golf outing at our club. We have been playing in this for many years, and it has become quite the tradition! 

I'm not really a golfer. I mean we grew up doing 'Monday night golf' at our club in the summers where our dad would take us golfing and teach us. But, this is the first time I have actually ever played a full 18 holes. I usually just play 9. I have some good shots here and there but I'm never consistent and my form is less than desirable!  

I'm there more for the good company, cocktails, cute outfits, and all of that... less about the actual golfing part, ha! My sister is a really good golfer and I use her hand-me-down clubs that are many years old. My mom even golfs! I will say, though, that I would like to get a set of my own new clubs. The hand-me-downs are totally fine, but I can tell when I use higher-end clubs (like when I try out my dad's or husband's), how much nicer they are! 

Listen, with the number of cute golf outfits I have, you'd think I was an avid golfer, but I wear them to places like the grocery store, ha!! I think my favorite brands for golf clothes are Lilly and Tuckernuck

This day is always such a good time and something I look forward to each year. I actually love the driving part of golf but then when you get onto the fairway and putting- I'm just meh about that.

They play it as a scramble which is nice and keeps things interesting. 

I think my favorite part, though, besides being with my dad (my husband was there, too!) is that I get to bond with my dad over something that he loves and learn more about the sport. My husband is also golf obsessed (honestly obsessed is an understatement) and so it's nice to just get to know more about this sport that they love so much. 

I was thinking about this on Saturday, but if you want to get to know someone and what they're passionate about, following along in their hobby for a day or two is not only such a good way to learn but also to bond with that person and understand them more! 

We started around 1pm and even then it was CHLLY! It had just been 95 degrees earlier that week and I kept my Sweatshirt on the entire time and even had to put my puffer vest on for part of it. I had goosebumps the entire time! It was also so windy. There were a few times you could literally see the wind take hold of the ball in the air and totally pull it one way. It was wild. 

The Dress underneath is the cutest Lilly golf dress. The zipper pull at the neckline is a gold golf cart!!!! I am telling you, they have the cutest stuff if you find yourself on the course often. The details are just adorable. It has two zip pockets for balls, tees, etc. It also has hot pink shorts underneath that are not attached so it makes going to the bathroom so easy! I got a small and I wish I would have sized down to XS. At first, when I was wearing it around the house, I liked the size small that I got, but I think if you're playing actual golf, you'll want something slightly more fitted so size down! If you live in a hot climate, this dress is for you. It's such a nice lightweight, sweat-wicking, breathable fabric. Sometimes when fabrics are lightweight, they can feel 'cheap', but that is not the case for this! This is a well-thought-out, quality golf dress!

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Annaliese said...

This is so fun! What a special tradition with you dad. I just started golf lessons in February and I'm loving the sport so far! Your outfit here is so cute, too.

xoxo A


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