Monday, July 11, 2022

Amazon Finds

Amazon Finds

Amazon Prime Day begins tomorrow and extends through Wednesday. Ahead of that, I thought I would do an Amazon favorites as I haven't done one in a while, and that way you can flag these items to see if they pop up on a prime day deal! As always, you can also visit my Amazon page that I update frequently. 

I have my eyes on the White Strips as I rely on buying them during Prime Day each year. It's a big savings and I love these white stripes to touch up my teeth before big events. 

Spray N Wash// Did you all know that they discontinued Clorox bleach pen?! I was SO sad to see that as it is something that I rely on when doing my laundry. I am so clumsy when wearing white that that little pen always saved me! Anyway, a family friend recommended this Spray N Wash product. I have Shout that I use on colored clothes with stains and it works, but this Spray N Was looks like a deodorant stick. You put it on the stain and wash and the stain is gone! It works so well. I still don't think it works as well as my beloved bleach pen, but it works better than Shout. Dawn dish soap is another stain killer, especially for greasy stains and makeup. 

Cuticle Balm// This is such a good cuticle balm. I love the OPI oil but that can get messy. This is the same idea but instead of liquid oil, this is almost like lip balm. You just glide it on your cuticles. Great for stashing in a handbag or travel. 

Pearl Earrings// I bought these on a whim when I saw them as a recommended product. They're definitely dressy/fancy and look like fine jewelry. I think these would be such good pair of earrings to gift your bridesmaids for your wedding day! 
6' iPhone Charger Cord// I recently bought a Belkin brand charging cord. It was relatively pricey but I wanted something reliable. Well, it stopped working after about 4 months!! This cord has such good reviews and is inexpensive so I ordered one and it's worked well so far. It's one that has the woven fabric protecting it which is what I always prefer. 

Hangers// Just ordered even more of these to organize our coat closet in our basement. They are the best and the only hangers we use! 

Mascara// I tried this mascara after seeing it on a friend and asking her about it. I really like it. The applicator is really slim so it takes some getting used to if you are used to a full fluffy mascara brush. It makes my lashes so long and defined. It doesn't rub off on the tops of my eyelids or crumble down on my under-eye. 

Clear Command Caddy// I ordered a bunch of these for our bathrooms and kitchen to place inside of the cabinet doors. They are held up by command sticks so they don't damage your cabinets. They are perfect for spices and beauty products like serums and help to add more storage space in your cabinets. 

Power Glow Peel// If you are familiar with the Dennis Gross peel pads, these are similar. I have used both and I really do think I am starting to prefer the m-61 as I think they seem a little stronger/faster acting. Back in my late twenties, I used to get chemical peels and the Power Glow peels feel more like an actual chemical peel vs. the Dennis Gross ones. Take that as you will but I just repurchased these! They even out skin tone, keep acne at bay, help prevent or lessen fine lines, lessen the appearance of pores, and more. I typically use them if my skin is getting out of whack or leading up to a big event. I know some people use them once a week for upkeep, too. 

Leather Camera Strap// My sister let me know you can buy a bunch of different straps for your camera! She recommended I get one for our Europe trip so my yellow Nikon labeled strap looks a little less 'touristy', ha!! I found this leather once that looks really nice! 

Apple Travel Adapters// We have a bunch of travel adapters for our upcoming trip but I didn't have one for my Macbook. I got a new one last fall and I love it so much so I made sure to get an Apple brand converter to keep it as safe as possible. 

Waste Basket// Isn't this so pretty? It's labeled as a magazine basket but I think it's such a pretty basket to use in a powder room as a waste basket! 

White Strips// This is what I'm eyeing for Prime Day. I need some and have been holding off to hopefully score a deal! 

Hand Soap Refill// I love this hand soap, it is so fresh smelling. This refill is cheaper than buying a new soap so I use this and refill the bottles we already have. 

Nail Strengthener// I got a dip mani for my sister's wedding back in late May. I have been getting them in lieu of a gel mani since about December and have really liked them. Well, when this mani came off, my nails were SO brittle. It's as if the dip took off an entire layer of my nails. I have since been only using this and cuticle oil and haven't gotten a mani again. I'll likely go back to gel as I never had any issues with it damaging my nails. Anyway, this really does help to strengthen my nails and is a nice clear coat. It is not super shiny but also not matte.

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Kelly C said...

It felt so affirming to see this list and realized I've purchased most of this at your recommendation, ;) All great quality items!


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