Friday, July 8, 2022

Inspiration Rut and How I Deal

Sweater (under $50)// Shorts ($25, TTS)
Bag (lots of colors available, full review here)
About the outfit...

Banana Republic is killing it lately- they have a completely revamped look in the past 6 months to a year and it's amazing. I have also never shopped at Banana Republic Factory in recent years and I got a Facebook ad for some of their things. I ended up ordering them just to see what the quality was like because I liked the classic look of all of it and the prices were so affordable. 

For the price, I was blown away with the quality! Some things I ordered were too big but just based on quality alone, I was impressed. The styles were so classic, the materials used were nice and not overly cheap, and I will for sure be ordering more from their site! I'm actually awaiting this gorgeous yellow maxi right now- it was so inexpensive and my fingers are crossed it is a winner. I think it could be perfect for our Europe trip at the end of the summer! 

Anyway, this Sweater is the perfect summer sweater and a great transition piece to wear into fall. It's a bit too lightweight for winter but if you live in a southern climate this might actually be the perfect weight. I can, however, see the navy with white stripes being layerd over top of a white turtleneck for a really cute layered winter look in a colder climate! Throw a bright red vest overtop and it's a look! 

These Shorts have an elastic waist band so you might as well be wearing pajamas. At $25, they are a steal. The navy is a nice deep navy. I am not sure about the lighter colors in terms of opaqueness so that's why I went for a darker color! They run true o size but very roomy so if you are between sizes, size down. I found everything I ordered in a size small to be pretty roomy. 

Now for today's topic...
I feel like I'm in a little bit of a creative rut lately. This often happens to me when we get into the middle of a season. Like my excitement for the summer season has leveled off and it's not yet time to look towards a new season- if that makes sense?

I particularly find this to be the case in the middle of the summer months. I think it's the warmth and sun that makes me a little lazier towards work. With fall, I am literally never like this. Right now, I want to be outside with Henry going on very long walks, I want to go on trips and have fun with friends, and go out to dinner on weeknights. I don't know why it's like this but I always get like this right around now! I'm very much a worker bee and like to work and if I have free time, I will likely choose to work. So this is always a surprising feeling when it happens! 

Anyway, the show must still go on and so I thought I would share some things that help me get out of a rut. If you have anything that helps you, please let me know! I love to try new things. 

- Watch movies that inspire me. This is usually a highly curated list that I watch over and over again and usually gives me enough of that 'spark' to get going again. Lots of Nancy Meyers, duh! 

- Leave my house. Sometimes it's going for a walk, an Orange Theory class, a Starbucks run, or popping over to my parent's house. Working from home sometimes really deflates my creative energy- even a simple walk helps me to clear my head and reset a bit. 

- Get something new for the house (decor, furniture, etc.). This one is not always viable whether because of space, time, budget, etc. But right now I really feel in a rut with decorating our home. It's mostly decorated at this point and the only small things left are left because I haven't really felt compelled to finish them! I've been craving to do a tablescape as I haven't done one in quite some time but I just haven't had the time to devote to that! 

- This brings me to my next point- find the time to do what I've been wanting to do. An example of that right now would be for me to find the time to do a tablescape. It's so fun for me! Oddly enough, content creation is so important to this job but there are SO many other things I have to do behind the scenes every single day and so I have to really make a point to create a nice chunk of time to create the content I want to create without distractions like emails, phone calls, and other computer work. 

- Start over tomorrow. Sometimes my day is just a wash when it comes to creativity and I accept that and remember tomorrow is a new day and I can try again. 

- Get dressed, do my hair, and put on makeup. I don't fully dress with hair and makeup every single day. Some days I workout and take Henry on a long walk and so I end up being in workout clothes all day. Some days It's so hot outside, I go without makeup or doing my hair just because of the humidity. Some days, I choose to go makeup-free because my skin needs a breather. It just all depends. But I know if I'm feeling my creative juices getting low, I know I need to put on something cute and look my best to feel my best. 

- Sometimes just talking to a friend or family member on the phone helps. I love to hear people's perspectives and ideas who are not in the content creation industry. It's so helpful! I also just love talking on the phone. 

- Schedule a night out. Sometimes I just need to completely get away from my job to recharge and become refreshed. You know how when you go on vacation, it's so exciting and fun but by the time it is over, you are ready to sleep in your own bed. That first night after a long trip and you are back in your own bed is just glorious, in my opinion, and that's kind of how I feel if I give myself a break from this job. It always feels so good to come back and instantly gets me in that 'ok let's do this' mindset. 

- Start a new to-do list. Sometimes I get in a rut when I have too many different things going on and it starts to feel like too much. I start my to-do list fresh so it's organized in a way that better suits me at that moment. 

- Pull up my inspiration list. This is just a note on my phone and I add to it whenever something comes to mind. I literally just write whatever it is down no matter how insignificant it is with no rhyme or reason. Then, at another time when I am not feeling as inspired, I can refer back to that list. This list is so helpful and is a huge part of what has made me able to create new content every single week for 13 years now.

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