Thursday, July 21, 2022


Hope everyone is having a great week! I think this week flew by. I really didn't even do much other than do lots of work to prep for being out of town and yet it still went by so quickly! 

I'm sooooo ready for a change of scenery and a break. We haven't traveled since early June and I'm just ready to be with my family and by the water. There will be fresh content here per usual- I'm not going anywhere, I'll just be taking more time to relax and hang out! 

I'm sad my husband can't come for the full two weeks as his work schedule just doesn't allow for that since we will also be taking 2 weeks for Rome/Cruise. I will miss him, but I am so excited to bring Henry along for the full time. He absolutely thrives at the lake! My sister is coming and bringing her pup, bean, and my parent's pup Buddy will also be there so they'll all have some fun playing together. 

Anyway, today I am getting a manicure. I haven't in so long. I'm a regular manicure gal but I had to take a break after a dip manicure that I got for my sister's wedding did a number on my nails. I am so excited. I don't really mind bare nails but I just love a good manicure, I feel so much more put together with one! I'm also getting my hair highlighted which will be a nice refresh to go away with! 

Eating: I highly recommend making burrata toast. Like get up right now and go get some burrata. I made it with prosciutto the first time which was the best- I topped it with the burrata and some hot honey, olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil. It is possibly one of the best things I have ever made. The second time, I was out or prosciutto so I just used whatever I had on hand. One piece was pepperoni and the other was smoked salmon. Both were delicious, but the prosciutto was the clear winner! I usually buy my burrata at Trader Joe's. 

Drinking: Totally going to make this frozen peach bellini next week. It sounds SO good... I'm just going to omit the sugar- Georgia peaches are already so sweet enough!

Reading: I haven't read in SO long. I want to read a few books while at the lake. I like light. frivolous things or WWII books. A weird combo, I know. But I think I am going to read this

Watching: Did you all know season 2 of Only Murders In The Building is out on Hulu? We just loved season 1 and are loving season 2. I love the way it is filmed and the sets. Highly recommend! I'm also watching Southern Charm. I didn't watch the last few seasons as I got bored but this season is enough to keep me somewhat entertained. Other than that, we haven't really been watching much TV lately! 

Loving: I've been using this calming lotion when I feel like my skin has gotten too much sun. It's really lightweight and super hydrating. I feel like it helps the redness, especially on my nose fade quickly! You can use code SYDNEY for 15% off!
Loving II: I can't believe we are well over halfway through the year, can you?! Rifle Paper Co. just released their 2023 calendars. I have been using this style of their calendar for 6ish years now. It fits my lifestyle so well!! This is the wall calendar but I use it almost like a desk blotter. I keep it on my desk open to the current month and it gives me such a good look at what my month looks like. I color code each day with different things from social to work and more. I love the 'notes' section as it is the perfect size for me to keep track of current collaborations- a good quick 'at a glance' style list! I definitely use a digital calendar for some things but I will forever be a paper calendar gal. 
Wanting: I think this is the MOST PERFECT dress I have ever seen. Ever. The pearls, the textured fabric, the braided neckline, the Mod/shift silhouette. LOVE! Samantha Stevens would have 100% worn this! Ok and how about this skirt? There is nothing I love more than a voluminous, a-line skirt. I'm also thinking about ordering this travel pillow/blanket situation for our upcoming Europe trip. We are flying United and put ourselves on the upgrade list (with our points) so if we do score a lie-flat seat, I think I'll be so thankful to have this pillow. 
Amazon Rec: Love the size of this clear cosmetic case. So cute and perfect for storing lip products! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Quoting: 'Time is not refundable. Use with intention.' // See more of my favorites, here.

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Love the cosmetic organizer! Purchasing one now. I recall you thinking about new car some time ago and asking readers for advice. What did you ultimately decide on? - KLVinPHL


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