Tuesday, August 30, 2022

My Dining Room Table

Where did you find it?
I am so excited to talk about my dining room table today. Some of you are probably like 'why are you so excited about a dining room table?!' BUT, I've been on the hunt for the past 3 years. 

I've had my sights set on a banded border mahogany pedestal dining room table and I never waivered from that. They are HARD to come by if you don't have access to an interior designer. Plus, new, they are pricey... usually around $8-$10k++. Not only that, but I really wanted to find one second-hand because typically with furniture, the older it is, the better made it is! 

I found this table on Facebook Marketplace. I have to say, I follow some people on Instagram that share their Facebook Marketplace finds and they are always incredible. I check FBMP almost daily and let me tell you- in Pittsburgh, it is SLIM pickings. Selling this way has either just not caught on yet in the area or Pittsburghers are not parting with their furniture because I rarely see anything I even remotely like. 

I was at the lake just relaxing and scrolling FBMP and I spotted this table and messaged the seller immediately! 

We scheduled a pick-up date and rented a Uhaul and the rest is history. Until I had that dining table in my house, I literally thought it was too good to be true, that's how excited I was! 

I also got 8 chairs that match the table. They are beautiful but a little more ornate than my taste typically goes so I figure I would store them in our basement and when we need more chairs if we are hosting, we can just bring them up. I'd like to have the seats recovered- it's a jacquard cream fabric which is OK but I'd love something more to my own taste. 

It also has two leaves so it can seat up to 10 people. We don't have any of the leaves in it for everyday use and it comfortably seats 6. 

I am so glad I waited to find exactly what I was looking for it. It literally paid off because I spent a minuscule fraction of what I would have paid for something new! 

Who makes it?
It is by Hickory Chair Co. which is a high-end furniture company out of North Carolina. The collection is called 'Historical James River Plantation'. The collection was re-released in the early 1960s and was similar in style to the furniture that Jackie O chose for the White House at that time. 

What do you like about it?
Literally everything. I love that they have ball and claw feet, the flame mahogany is stunning, the banded border, the shape, the size, it's all just exactly what I was looking for! 

If I wanted to search for something similar, what keywords would be helpful?
- Banded Border
- Pedestal Dining Table
- Hickory Chair Co. 
- Flame Mahogany 
- Crotch Mahogany
- Inlaid band
- Historical James River Plantation 
- Georgian style dining table
- Regency style dining table 
- Ball and claw foot

How do you make sure the furniture you purchase doesn't look dated?
I think my biggest suggestion would be to break up your 'older' pieces with newer things. For this table, we have upholstered Serena and Lily chairs (they are done in Perennials basketweave chalk) with it to not only break up the brown wood but also the clean lines of the chair give it a slightly more modern vibe. The table is uber traditional, which I love, but I also think it pairs so well with the texture of the upholstered chairs. 

How do you entertain on it?
You can place things on it if you use coasters/placemats/chargers. It does have a lacquer finish on it, though, so it won't take too much of a beating. Otherwise, there is a felt pad that goes overtop of the table and then you can put a tablecloth over top and it is protected. I love the placemat look to really show off the beauty of the wood, but I do think a tablecloth is easier and best for a 'rowdier' crowd. You can also have glass custom cut for the top of any of your furniture to protect it! I haven't really entertained on it yet but will be sure to document it when I do! 

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