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Gift Guide 2022: My Wish List

Gift Guide 2022: My Wish List
Headband// Gold Cuff (under $200)

We are almost halfway through October, and while it sounds a little crazy, I am kicking off my gift guides for the 2022 holiday season! 

I will say, I am someone who has their Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped sometimes by the first week of December. Same with Christmas cards. I know that sounds like a stretch for some- my husband included, but I will tell you how amazing it feels to have it all done and not even have to think about it. I enjoy both gift shopping and wrapping and Christmas cards but at the same time, they are time-consuming so it's nice to be able to get all of that out of the way and be able to really be present and enjoy December without worrying about any of the other stuff! 

I'm doing my wish list first because it's always the most popular gift guide of the year. When I do it first, I tend to have a little time closer to Christmas when I can publish another last minute wish list style guide. Also, I don't think the majority of holiday will be launching until November 1st for most brands so this gift guide works well for the timing since this isn't really a 'festive' list with things like gift sets. 

As a reminder as I have said in past years, whenever I share my own personal wish list, this is a fantasy list. I am not getting all of this stuff from anyone nor am I buying all of this stuff for myself! This is just for fun and for me to dream up the things I would love to have. But truly, I want for nothing!

You'll also notice there are two collages. I wanted to be as comprehensive as I could. I work SO hard on these guides and I want to make sure I am including things at all different price points as well as hitting different categories. It also seems like I really want shoes because I have 6 pairs of shoes on these lists!

To highlight some things in the wish list at the top...

Wood Salad Serving Bowl// I have this bowl in the larger size and I'd love to have the smaller size (it comes in like 4 sizes). It's the perfect salad serving bowl. The large one is a bit too large for just my husband and I but the perfect size for hosting. So I'd love the smaller for just when my husband and I have salad. It's such a beautifully simple bowl and high quality! I think this would make a cute gift to add in salad servers, bottle of dressing, and some gourmet croutons. Add cellophane and tie a bow on it and you have yourself a gorgeous gift that will likely end up being around or under $100. 

Bow Bag// I think maybe this is one of my most wanted items on this entire list. I've been thinking about it ever since I saw it last month. I think it's so stunning. I love the black because I think the bow pops more with the black but I think the beige is more seasonally versatile as I don't wear a lot of black in the spring/summer/fall. 

Monogrammed Hanging Toiletry Bag // I have an Amazon hanging toiletry bag that was only $15ish. I really like it but I think the layout of this toiletry bag would be even better for me. I'm team hanging when it comes to toiletry bags. It is SO nice to be able to see everything and be able to quickly access it without wasting precious counter space! 

Gift Guide 2022: My Wish List

I know creating a holiday wish list may sound juvenile for someone that's not doing this to create content, BUT, I think there is a true value in keeping a wish list. I truly believe that a wish list helps you only purchase things that you really want. I can look back on past wish lists and see if there are things on there that I still want and sometimes I see something on my wish list and think 'wow I am so glad I didn't get that!!'. It's an easy and organized way to prioritize your frivolous spending and can even help you to budget and not bring unnecessary junk into your home! Give it a try! I typically add something to my list and it's above a certain price point, I ruminate on it for at minimum a week or two, but the longer I ruminate the better. 

Chanel Ballerinas// So in Pittsburgh, there is literally nowhere to buy Chanel ballet flats. Our Nordstrom doesn't have a Chanel and there are no stand alone boutiques. We don't have a Neimans or any other high end department stores here. Honestly, I'd grade Pittsburgh's shopping a D+. Champagne problems, I know. Although, I did hear we are getting a Gucci in Ross Park Mall. Anyway, when I was in Europe this summer, I went into 4 or 5 Chanels in 3 different countries looking for Chanel ballet flats in a fun color. They were so much less costly in Europe!! They were sold out everywhere. I thought at one point I was being punked it was so comical! Anyway, I love the look of these. I saw a pink leather quilted pair in the Rome Spanish Steps store but they only had one size way too small for me and I can't stop thinking about them. But, these are a close second because I love the textured tweed, the color, and the beautiful grosgrain cap toe. I need to see them in person, I'm not really a sight unseen person at this price point, ha!

Portable Wine Aerator Tap// This gadget is so cool and would make a really nice gift for a wine lover. It's an aerator but also acts as a tap for your wine so there is no pouring. You just press the button on the top of the aerator and the comes out of a spout like it is on tap! I truly believe in aerating your wine- it makes SUCH a difference, especially with a nice red. 

People often ask me 'I have X milestone coming up, what should I buy myself' or 'my in laws are asking me what I want for Christmas and I'm not sure'. It is my hope that this list inspires your own wish list while also remembering how thankful you are for so many wonderful things already in your life because at the end of the day, it's not about the 'things' at all! 

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