Tuesday, December 6, 2022

1 Pair of Jeans 3 Ways

You Can Find the Jeans At Multiple Places (various sizes left on each site)
Shoes (on sale right now under $60, found this pair under $50!)

Sorry for my unplanned blog absence yesterday! We ended up getting in so late on Sunday night from our trip to Savannah that I didn't have time to format yesterday's post (which is a pet/dog gift guide) so I have that rescheduled for tomorrow! 

We were in Savannah, Georgia for 2 nights and 3 full days and had so much fun. Because it was such a quick trip, I packed in a carry-on. I don't love traveling in a carry-on bag because I love to wear multiple outfits in a day, and switch up shoes and accessories with every outfit. Plus, it's especially header to fit everything in a carry-on bag in the colder months because each piece of clothing is bulkier. But, I try my best to do a carry-on for a weekend trip because I think it makes getting in and out of the airport much easier. 

I wanted to wear two outfits per day while in Savannah- a dressier dinner outfit with heels and then a casual outfit for the day. I ended up bringing one pair of jeans and one pair of sneakers and swapping out the tops to make 3 different outfits. It actually ended up working out well. By day 3, I was a little bored of the jeans/sneakers combo, but it worked! 

I thought I would share with you all three outfits in case you need some travel outfit inspiration!

So the base is these jeans + these sneakers. The jeans are my latest favorite. They are high-waisted and stretchy... SO stretchy! The sneakers are a true classic and never go out of style. I like them best when they look well worn, not when they're bright white and brand new looking.


Jacket// Striped Shirt (on sale under $50)// Bag// Headband

Sweater// Tee (best white tee under $15)// Sunglasses

Cape// Sweater// Tote// Sunglasses (under $15)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney, may I ask what is the shade of red nail polish that you are wearing? It looks like the PERFECT shade of red! And yes, your readers notice everything you wear. Lol!

kristen said...

Hi Sydney, is there a spot to sign up for blog posts sent to my email? Thanks!


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