Monday, February 26, 2024

Americana Flag Sweater: Ralph Lauren vs. Tuckernuck

Ralph Lauren (left)// Tuckernuck (right)

I wanted to chat flag sweaters with you all because I love a good flag sweater. They are timeless and great for kids, men, grandparents... literally anyone and everyone. It's a staple I wear SO much, and I also wear it year-round. 

I have both the Tuckernuck flag sweater and the Ralph Lauren flag sweater. Many other brands also offer flag sweaters, but I will focus on these two since I own them both! 

Tuckernuck: $248
Ralph Lauren: $398

Tuckernuck: 100% cotton
Ralph Lauren: 100% cotton

Tuckernuck: True to size, but you could size down for a closer fit. This has a roomy/boyfriend-style fit, but I love that.
Ralph Lauren: True to size, a slimmer, closer fit vs. Tucekrnuck. 

Tuckernuck: both the neckline and the sleeve hems are rolled, which is nice and adds to the casual vibe of the sweater. The neckline is between a crew and a mock neck. the length is a bit longer and more a-line than the Ralph Lauren sweater. 
Ralph Lauren: This is a true, classic crewneck sweater that hits right at the hip and has a flattering, slimmer fit. 

My thoughts:
Tuckernuck: For being about $150 less, I prefer the Tuckernuck version, so I'd say if you are considering one or the other, the Tuckernuck is less costly but just as nice as the Ralph Lauren. If you prefer a more classic crewneck style, Tuckernuck makes a version for $298, which is still $100 less than the Ralph Lauren version. 

Ralph Lauren: I love this Ralph Lauren sweater. I've had this for over 10 years, which has held up perfectly. It is high quality and classic. I don't love the RL logo on the sweater; it's unnecessary. My husband has this one in navy, and it looks so handsome on him. 

The stars are embroidered on both, and nothing is printed on either.  

Bottom Line:
You can't go wrong with either, but when it comes down to price, you can save $150 and go with the Tuckernuck option, and I think you'd be just as happy! 

Scroll below to see many outfits of how I have styled both sweaters over the years and seasons. 

My husband has the men's Ralph Lauren version in Navy blue.

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