Monday, February 12, 2024

Carolina Herrera Inspired Black Skirt Outfit

Similar Skirts:
*I think this one looks the most similar, this is the most affordable option, and this is the splurge inspiration*

Can you tell I've been watching Bewitched lately? I was trying on a bunch of different outfits because I wanted to 'shop my closet.' I have so many things! I organize my closet by rotating what is in front/what I can see best based on how new it is. This way works the best for my job as the newer the item, the more likely it is in stock for me to link and for you all to be able to purchase the exact item. 

However, I love many of my older pieces (that are no longer in stock). The way my system works tends to bury older things in the back where I can't see, and for me, out of sight is out of mind! I have been trying to wear these older things more often, even if I don't share them here (because I can't link them) and I know I get some not-so-polite comments when I cannot link something! 

While I can't link to the exact pieces I am waring in the outfit above, I LOVE it and figured I could find many similar pieces for you all out there so you can recreate the look if you wish!

Sure enough, there are so many great black full skirts out there, at all different price points, that I've included with the links above! 

I have *always* been inspired by Carolina Herrera. The designs are sophisticated, often understated, and as timeless as they come. A full black skirt at any length is iconic for the CH brand. 

If you have a little black skirt like this in your closet, you are set for a multitude of occasions. I think it looks so polished with a fitted white button-down; you can do a slightly cropped mock neck tank for warmer weather. You can wear tights and a red sweater during the holiday season, and more!

In my opinion, and what I have noticed with style and fashion over the last 15ish years, is that there has been a loss of overall glamour when it comes to dressing. I think the 2020 pandemic expedited that even further. I've written quite a few similar sentiments over the years regarding my frustration over this- most recently, this blog post from a year ago

I think, partly, and much to my lament, that this is a Pittsburgh 'issue' and may not be as noticeable elsewhere. I say that in quotes because many people genuinely enjoy and feel most comfortable wearing casual clothes, which is not wrong, and they have every right to wear whatever they please, just as I do! I also have to say that I love this city wholeheartedly, and this is a 'me' issue (ha!)

Circling back to Bewitched, you all know how much I love the show and mostly Samantha Stevens's wardrobe. I long for that era when everyone was dressed so lovely. Nowadays, it seems hard to find a full skirt or classic shift dress unless it's coming straight from Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera, which is not typically within my budget! 

Is a more ladylike look returning, though? I see hints here and there... tweed has been 'in' for the last few seasons, and J.Crew has been releasing so many 'lady' cardigans and jacket styles! Maybe this is just wishful thinking! I also wonder if the newer shows like Feud: Capote vs. Swans and Palm Royale will inspire fashion over the next few seasons?!  I would love to see more mod shift dresses popping up like this one

One last thought: Have you noticed that even the classic brands are jumping on the 'fast trends' you see all over social media? I think it makes it harder to avoid trends and find truly classic, timeless pieces! I understand why brands do it- the faster the trends move, the more people buy to keep up, and the better it is for the bottom line! But it's a reminder you don't have to keep up! Wear what you love, enjoy what you have already in your closet. Dressing is all about feeling good in what you love- even if it is super casual, you do you! 


Jane Sosoxy said...

Beautiful styling! I am a big fan of black dresses, they are perfect for all occasions.

Karin said...

My husband and I met with an attorney to sign some legal documents. Even in this large and prestigious law firm, most people were dressed in business casual attire/ athleisure. I live in a big city. I wasn’t overly dressed up but I wore a tweed lady jacket and my husband also had on a jacket. I think we made everyone nervous!


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