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Sydney Carver Snyder x Beth Ladd

I am thrilled to introduce you to my 2-piece collection with Beth Ladd! Beth Ladd is a small business out of Connecticut, and working with her has been a privilege. 

In late 2023, Beth and her team asked if I would like to collaborate since I am such a fan of the cosmetic bags and have been sharing them frequently! I even put the OG bag on my favorites of the year for 2023. I am so flattered and thankful to have been given this opportunity. I have been so fortunate to have been asked by a few brands in past years to collaborate on products, but I have mostly turned them down as I have yet to feel they were the perfect fit. These bags are items I love so much and use in my daily life, so this just felt right!
Ordering + Lead Time
Both of these bags are hand embroidered and handmade. They're also made to order, so they will take about six weeks to arrive and are final sale. Our world is built around instant gratification, but these are truly worth the wait!

I also want to be clear that because they are handmade, they are not mass-produced, so each one may be *slightly* different than the next since the fabrics are all hand-block-printed and the monograms and designs are all hand-stitched.
Gifting + Mother's Day
Both make the perfect gift. I gave my mom both bags as an early Mother's Day gift, and she loves them. I stuffed the larger one with some of my favorite things and then some of her favorite things. It was so fun to surprise her. She uses the larger one as a travel bag for toiletries, and she keeps the smaller one in her tote with lipglosses and more. They make a perfect gift for Mother's Day, which is coming up on Sunday, May 12th.  If you'd like a piece from the collection to arrive for Mother's Day gifting, please order by Saturday, April 6th. I think the larger one makes an excellent gift for a new mom because it is the perfect size to stash into a beautiful tote and stow away all baby things like diapers, a onesie, and more. Plus, it's wipeable inside and out, so spills and accidents are no issue!

The Collection

Mine in action with all of my day-to-day makeup!

I initially fell in love with this style of bag last year! I had the opportunity to pick fabrics, colors, embroidery, etc. It's likely no surprise to any of you that I went with blue and white, but I think the pop of pink mixes it up a bit. I named it after my mom, whom I lovingly call Sizzle. She had the idea for pink, which is fitting because she is the pop of color in my life! 

I also love this print. Schumacher makes some of my favorite textiles, and the striped zigzags remind me of some of their prints! For a touch of whimsy, I selected a contrasting but coordinating fabric for the interior. I love the look of Madras plaids, and this was my take on print mixing! 

The interior and exterior are coated and wipeable, a huge highlight. I also love that the bag is structured and sits completely flat on any surface, even a softer surface like a bed or fluffy carpet! The interior is spacious and keeps me so organized. There are three smaller pockets on one side, perfect for things like makeup brushes, mascaras, and more. There is a larger pocket on the other side, which is great for things like makeup palettes or skincare! 

This can be used for... 
- Toiletries
- Cosmetics—I personally use this as my everyday makeup bag! I keep my makeup stored in it at all times, and then I just have to put it into my suitcase when I go to travel. It makes things so easy. 
- Electronics! It fits some iPads and can store chargers, cords, and more! 
- A tote insert: Whether you are a new mom and want to stow away baby supplies in your tote or just want something structured to keep things organized, this will do it all!
- Sunscreen/pool bag! This bag fits so many full-size products, and you can even stow away your damp swimsuit until you can hang it up or toss it in the washing machine!
- Hair accessories or jewelry! I like to travel with a lot of headbands and costume jewelry, and this will hold plenty for a week's plus vacation!

This bag is lovingly named after sweet Henry, my Australian Cattle Dog. I couldn't do anything without including my best friend! Like Henry, this bag is smaller but packs a unique and special punch! This is a new bag design for Beth Ladd. It was so neat to actually design the bag. I was able to get samples and make changes based on the samples. For example, in the first sample, I felt that the zipper needed to zip down further so you could really see inside the bag and open it up, and we were able to make that change. Also, the zippers on both bags slide beautifully! 

This bag has block print fabric on the interior (the same as The Sizzle), but the exterior is white linen, and everything is done with hand embroidery. The details are truly beautiful, and the fact that this is coated is such a game changer because, one, the base is white, and two, the embroidery is so detailed. This keeps the white looking fresh and the embroidery snag-free! 

This is the bag you toss into a tote. It actually holds a lot, but is small enough to work with most tote bags! I am most definitely a 'bag in a bag in a bag' gal so this just works so well for my lifestyle. I have been using it to store things like lipgloss, hand sanitizer, Advil, etc. 

Some examples of what I can fit inside The Henry!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank YOU for your kindness and support. Your likes, comments, enthusiasm, and kind messages have blown me away. Some of you even messaged me yesterday, telling me you ordered when it softly launched last night! Stay tuned on Instagram as Beth and I will host a bag giveaway in a few weeks filled with some of my favorite things! 

12 oz Poppi Can and iPhone 15 Pro Max to give you an idea of scale! Total measurements are on the Beth Ladd website!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sydney! They are just beautiful. I love the details, the colors, All of it!
You should be really proud of a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you! This is amazing and your passion and love for your family, Henry, and this project really shine through in this post!

Your authentic content and engagement with your followers is why you are the only lifestyle blogger I continually keep up with :)

Enjoy this!



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