Monday, May 13, 2024

Best Way To Depuff Undereyes

One of the things that bothers me most about aging is my under eyes. I have always had darker circles under my eyes; even when I get enough sleep, they are often darker than I would like. I've read that that is more genetic and harder to correct with skincare and that kind of thing. But one thing I can control is my puffy under-eye. Whether I've had one too many martinis or just did not get enough sleep, my eyes can be puffy in the mornings, and that not only highlights my dark circles more and the fine lines I'm starting to notice! 

I have tried many products, some of which have worked better than others, but the duo that works every single time is quick, inexpensive, and very effective. 

Here's the routine:

This is not sponsored, but I discovered both of these products after being gifted them, and now I constantly purchase them! 

Let's discuss both... 

I know some people have feelings about Tula because they see it everywhere, and it seems to be talked about by what feels like every single influencer they follow. I've never worked with the brand, and I like some of their products, but I think many of them are very gentle, and more often than not, I prefer something a little more harsh. However,  my husband can't take harsh. He has extremely sensitive skin, so Tula works well for him, and he might be the brand's biggest fan. Even though I typically like something stronger, there are quite a few Tula products that I personally love. This eye stick is one I use every single day and have been using for many years. You can quickly swipe it on in the mornings, and I like to give it time to sit before I rub it in. There is a blue version of this stick, but I think the pink is better. This is great on its own and when I am in a rush, this is all I use. It's easy to keep in a handbag or pack for travel since it's just a stick! You can use code SYDNEY to save at checkout. 
Unedited/unfiltered before and after using just the eye patches. See how the little wrinkle on the left completely disappears!
Patchology makes a bunch of different eye patches but the rejuvenating ones seem to work best for me, though you can't go wrong with any. These have collagen and caffeine, so I find them to work well with depuffing. I keep them in the fridge for an added cool boost. I love that the material is gel over a paper-type material as they stay on my face easily and aren't messy or goopy. I love to give these as gifts. They are inexpensive to begin with but my code SUMMERWIND works to save at checkout! 

Both of these are great on their own but they work together SO well and depuff my eyes in minutes. You only need 5 minutes with the Patchology patches to see a difference, but when I use the eye stick and the Patchology patches for 10-15ish minutes, I notice the biggest difference. It works so well for me, and these are two products I would not want to go without! 


Meghan said...

Do you apply the eye patches and then the depuffing stick after?

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

Meghan, Sorry I should have specified order! I put the eye stick on first (don’t rub it in) then the eyepatches on top!

Ashley wilson said...



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