Monday, May 6, 2024

Splurge vs. Save

One good thing about living in 2024 is that you can truly find a look for less for just about anything. There are SO many options out there at all different price points. I haven't done a splurge vs. save post in a while, and I could have kept going and going with so many great options. 

My philosophy regarding wardrobe pieces and accessories is to buy the best you can afford, especially when it comes to classic pieces and staples. However, I've noticed many lower-priced retailers like Walmart, Kohl's, HM, etc., doing a great job of offering high-quality cute pieces for a low price. You'll notice in this roundup that some of the 'saves' are just as cute or even cuter than the splurge versions! 

I actually think this is a deeper topic than you might think. It's incredibly interesting to watch the lower-priced retailers and how they are changing their offerings over the last few years. I have no source of proof for this. Still, my hypothesis is that the rise of social media, specifically TikTok, is concentrating the trends and delivering them to the masses more than ever. Because of that, brands have to offer similar pieces to stay competitive. To someone who likes unique pieces or finding gems from different retailers, this could be seen as a negative. But a lot of retail is struggling, and this is what we will see more and more of going forward. 

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