Thursday, June 6, 2024


I got my husband a red velvet Nothing Bundt Cake and I'm not a big red velvet person but wow was this delicious!

These shoes came in this week thanks to the Ceclia NY team and are FUN.

New earrings from Amy Littleson's collection for Lisi Lerch! 

I hope you are all enjoying your week. It was HOT here to start off the week and has since cooled off, which I am pleased about! One thing about me is that anything above 85 degrees drives me nuts. There are many wonderful things about the summertime, but for me, the heat is not one of them. My husband wants to move south, but I tell him I would quite literally melt in that heat. I think I have some sort of heat intolerance- if I get too hot, my mood changes and I get angry. I am not an angry person at all! It doesn't happen during a workout like when I'm sweating, just when the outside temperature is extra hot! Luckily, we are having a mild weekend here. Oh how I love a good sweater and blanket, ha! 

We celebrated my husband's birthday this past weekend by golfing, enjoying an outdoor patio dinner, and having a little celebration with friends and family. It was such a nice weekend- the kind you want to bottle up! 

Henry got a bath this week, which sounds so mundane, but you know what?! I LOVE it when he gets a bath. He smells so much better, haha!! We use Pawsitively Purrfect mobile pet spa, which was recommended by one of you, and we LOVE it. Henry has had quite a few baths with them now. They park a big van in your driveway, and he gets privately groomed! It's so convenient, and when that dog virus was going around during the holiday season, it made me feel so much more at ease! They book quickly so if you are interested, you may be put on a list! 

This weekend, we are going to a block party, which feels like a quintessential summer suburban activity, and I am here for it. We are also getting together with friends which is always nice!

Wearing: I placed a big Tuckernuck order and, in true fashion, I loved it all except for one. I didn't love the white top just because it didn't fit me properly, but everything else was a homerun. I kind of hate when I love everything because then I'm like, ok, am I going to keep it all or narrow it down?! Are you following me on the LikeToKnowIt app?! You can shop all of my outfits, favorite finds, and more in the app. I am constantly updating it with the latest! You can also access all of my posts, here, if you don't use LTK!
Eating: If you are as into the Swedish candy craze as I am, I would recommend Poppin Candy. All of the other sites are sold out of so much, cost more, and take longer. My order took exactly one month to arrive, and I got SO much candy, and it's all so fresh and chewy. So happy. I definitely over-ordered, but now I am set for months, ha! If you are wondering if it is worth the hype, I think it is. I'm a big gummy candy person- I'd sooner choose a gummy bear over chocolate. The flavors are sharper, and the quality is so much better. Some of them are also SO soft and pillowy. They're a true treat. 

Drinking: We had this cabernet this weekend, and it was incredible. It was one of the best cabs I've ever had. I think had it been aged even longer, it would have been all the better. 

Swimsuit (on sale) + Coverup
Sale: I took a gamble with this swimsuit, and it worked out! It is final sale, and the reviews are questionable. But it looks like a Hunza G suit for a fraction of the price, so I went for it, and I love it. It's high quality, and the fit is great! It's true to size. I got a size 4. I think if you are very small-chested, size down one size. 

 We started Your Honor, a Showtime series on Netflix. We are only a few episodes in right now, but we are really enjoying it so far. It's a crime drama, and it's a nail-biter, that's for sure! 

Loving: I just finished these three products and love them all. They are all repurchases. The face cream is just a nice basic hydrating cream for the daytime. The rich cream—I've written extensively about it—is the very best. The cleanser smells like a spa and doesn't strip my skin like some cleansers. My code SUMMERWIND works to save $$ on all of them! 
Loving II: I've wanted this Cashmere Wrap for over a year! It's gorgeous but I've held off because the color doesn't pair with much in my wardrobe. Well, wouldn't you know, I saw this Shift Dress come out last week, and the two pieces together are just SO good!!!!

Just ordered this white athletic dress. SO cute. Love this yellow shift dress SO much! This white lace top is stunning! This pink leather bag is SO good. This is a Walmart dress and I thin kit is beautiful- looks like a designer! 

Pittsburgh: We went to the new Lawrenceville food hall, Lawrence Hall, this week for my husband's birthday! There are four different restaurant options to choose from: Cuddy's, Loaded, Toma, and La Palapa. We got way too much food because we wanted to try something from each place! Our favorite was the ribs from Cuddy's! They were so flavorful and perfectly cooked! The inside is large and has a fun vibe. We will definitely be back!

Golf Club Set (under $450)

Amazon Rec: So glad I got these golf clubs last year. It's a beginner women's set, and it's nothing fancy but plenty nice enough for how often I golf and my interest level. I definitely recommend it if you're more focused on cute golf outfits than perfecting your swing! Currently in my cart: this swimsuit coverup that has Tuckernuk vibes for less, this surface cleaner (that seems wildly overpriced, but I need to judge for myself), we've been loving popcorn lately and pop it ourselves, so I'm thinking this silicone container will help, and just came across one of my favorite body wash scents but in a candle! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here on my Amazon page where I am constantly updating it with all of my finds and top picks from home, beauty, fashion, and more!

Quoting: 'You get what you work for, not what you wish for.' // See more of my favorites, here.

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Karen T. said...

We tried our first Nothing Bundt Cake over Christmas (also red velvet!) and I went from not getting the hype, to being a total convert! We've gotten them for special occasions a few times since!


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